Saying Goodbye to these Monsters Part 3



Hello Splinterlands Community!

It's me again posting the 3rd part of the current reward card before they are going to be replace by the new soul bound reward cards in a few days.

If you haven't seen my previous post, clikc the link below:

1st Part - Common

2nd Part - Rare

It was confirmed as well recently in the townhall that once the soul-bound reward card is release, all current reward card will be obsolete no matter if the print rate is not yet 100%. This means that not only the batch 1 reward card will be gone but as well as the batch 2 reward card which still have a pretty lower print rate.

Based from the Splinterlands roadmap, Soulbound reward cards will be introduce by end of this month.


Based on Kiokizz website, the 1st batch of epic reward card are now 86% printed while the 2nd batch is 40% printed. These card won't reach the 100% which is why a less circulating supply on those cards.

For those who are new to my post, I usually post information which is related in the Silver League Modern Format.


🟣 Lava Launcher

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 3.04.14 PM.png

  • Lava Launcher is one of the most powerful range monster dealing a 3 to 5 range damage. The armor of Lava Launcher is thick and a decent health.

  • This card even with high damage is not affected by the the giant killer due to its 9 mana cost.

  • The good thing that Lava Launcher have is the close range ability which is available even at the base level in which this Lava Launcher is usable in any league.

  • Additionally, starting from gold league, Lava Launcher have stun ability which can disable the target.

  • With the release of the new ruleset, Lava Launcher becomes more important especially when the ruleset is "Going the Distance" where only range unit can be use.


🟣 Tide Biter

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 3.04.23 PM.png

  • Tide Biter is one or probably the most important cards among the list simply because of the utility of this card.

  • In terms of stats, Tide Biter is a 3 mana cost monster which does have a decent melee attack, a high speed and an average health.

  • The key component Tide Biter have is the set of abilities. The reach ability which gives this card a way to attack when place in the 2nd position

  • The reflection shield ability that can absorb blast damage which is very suitable in the 2nd position. This can also be use against monsters with thorn ability.

  • The last ability which is the true strike gives Tide Biter to never miss any attack even facing with a high speed monster or being blind.


🟣 Djinn Renova

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 3.04.46 PM.png

  • Djinn Renova probably the underrated from the list.

  • Djinn Renova despite of being underrated is actually a good card. Looking at the stats of Djinn Renova, it can deal a 2 to 4 magic damage which is pretty high for a magic unit. The health of this card is also high as well as having a decent speed.

  • The abilities it have is also helpful especially for "wands out" ruleset because the strengthen can increase the health of its allies. We know that most magic units does not have a high health.

  • Another useful is the triage ability that grants Djinn Renova the ability to heal its allies from the backline. This can sustain the scattershot, snipe, opportunity or sneak attack.

  • I usually use this card especially for a high mana match-up for additional magic damage as well as increase of health in the line-up.


🟣 Revealer

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 3.04.57 PM.png

  • Revealer may not be always seen in the battlefield but this card is quite good and strong.

  • Looking at the stats, Revealer does not really much give a good magic damage, a low speed, a decent health but the abilities it have is interesting.

  • Revealer have stun at the base level which is too good. A magic unit with a stun is impressive because a magic attack can only miss towards Phase enemies.

  • Another ability that Revealer have is the immunity which is also very important especially for poison and other debuffs.

  • Revealer with MAX level gives the reflection shield which can be use against blast and magic reflect damage.


🟣 Djinn Chwala

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 3.06.27 PM.png

  • Djinn Chwala is another powerful monster because of its high damage, durability and thorn.

  • Looking at the stats of Djinn Chwala, the melee damage range from 2 to 4 with a high armor from 5 to 6 and a high health of 9 to 10. The stats alone are impressive.

  • In terms of ability, the thorn which is very suitable to its high health and armor gives additional damage to the attacking melee monster.

  • Starting from Gold league, the enrage ability is unlocked which gives much power to the melee attack of Djinn Chwala.

  • By having a MAX Djinn Chwala, this card won't miss any attack because of the true strike ability.

  • Djinn Chwala is a very famous reward card that you don't wanna miss to have.


🟣 Uraeus

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 3.06.39 PM.png

  • Uraues is another card with a great utility.

  • Looking at the stats, Uraeus won't deal much melee damage which only range from 1 to 3 but then this card is a 3 mana cost monster.

  • The abilities Uraues have define the utility of this card. The sneak attack which is available at the base level gives Uraeus the advantage to deal damage in the backline.

  • Moving to gold league gives Uraues the ability to inflict poison that damage the opponent every round. This is a very good ability especially that Uraues attack is not that high.

  • Uraeus is one of my favorite card which I usually use when I am using Tarsa.


🟣 Conclusion

Tide Biter and Uraeus as the most important cards in this list because they have low mana cost and with a very high utility.

Lava Launcher specialized in range damage which is good especially that Going the Distance ruleset is now implemented. Djinn Chwala is a very strong tank while Revealer and Djinn Renova both specialize in support.

All the 6 epic monsters are important in my opinion, these cards can still be minted until the EOS chest this coming January 31, 2023.

Tide Biter and Revealer still have a low print rate which may further increase their price after Jan 31 since there won't be enough supply for everyone.

All of this reward cards will be replace on Jan 31 upon shifting to Soul Bound reward cards.

As of this writing, these are the print rate of the cards

CardTotal BCX PrintedMaximum BCX Printed% Printed
Lava Launcher688,792800,00086.10%
Tide Biter322,630800,00040.33%
Djinn Renova688,287800,00086.04%
Djinn Chwala688,099800,00086.01%

Have you secured a max copy of all of this reward card before this becomes out of print? We have few days left as of this writing to get and max those before their value goes sky high!


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