A Splinterlands Card Suggestion


I’m a big cryptozoology fan and despite all the cards/monsters Splinterlands have got I feel they have neglected the cryptozoology field. I can think of 6 cryptids of the top of my head which they don’t have a card for and I know there are many more.
I may make a few of these posts in the hope that someone from Splinterlands finds a post or two and takes note of the great suggestions.
I would first like to suggest a card for the Chupacabra


The Chupacabra is a creature rumoured to exist across North and South America, with many reported sightings. Chupacabra, comes from a combination of two Spanish words, to suck, and goat. The creature earned this title from reports that it sucks the blood from livestock.
Descriptions of this monster vary but a common description of the Chupacabra portrays it as a hairless canine with sharp quills emerging from its spine.