Yeti Splinterlands Card Suggestion


I’m a big cryptozoology fan and despite all the cards/monsters Splinterlands have got I feel They have neglected the cryptozoology field. I can think of 6 cryptids of the top of my head which they don’t have a card for and I know there are many more.
I may make a few of these posts in the hope that someone from Splinterlands finds a post or two and takes note of the great suggestions.

Today I would like to suggest a card for The Yeti

yeti 2.png

The Yeti also known as the Abominable Snowman is an ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. The Himalayan mountain range covers and area roughly the size of the United States so there is plenty of room for such a creature to exist and stay hidden.

Unlike Sasquatch the yeti is a small creature, more man sized and has different footprints to both humans and Bigfoot.


People assume its lives on the snowy mountain peeks due to famous sighting but this make no sense. The yeti has been spotted whilst travelling to the different valleys full of vegetation where it can stay hidden.
The Yeti is one of the most famous cryptoids on the planet which is why I’m very surprised it doesn’t even have its own card in Splinterlands this oversight must surely be rectified as soon as possible.