Aggroed Raped Me

it was a friday afternoon. Nothing particularlly special about this day. Just another mundane day. One thing that made this day different is that I had a date. The man I was supposed to date was not attractive, he was actually a fat nerd. The reason I agreed to date him was that he developed this game that my little brother, who is retarded, is into.  The game is called "splinterlands" and apperaently, you spend loads of money you don't have to fight other morons who also spent loads of money they didn't have. typical nft morons. Either way I knew this guy was rich, so I said what the heck. I wore my sluttiest outfit, sans panties and headed to the bar.  

This asshole was late. Like really late! I was about to leave when I was stuned by this unusually foul oder. Low and behold is was fat ass, I mean aggroed. At first I tolerated the smell and the obesity because I knew I could bag this pig and secure a multi-million dollar devorce. He went on and on about code and nfts and how they are going to change the world. I smiled and nodded, pretending I actually cared what this fuck face was saying. I didn't. I am a cheerleader, I am top-teir. I am so far above this pig in so many ways it's not even funny. After a while I started feeling woozy, which was strange because I only had one drink. Fat ass offered to give me a ride home, and since I still wanted that devorce money, i figured what the hell.

The next thing I remember is laying on my bed. Agrored was on top of me, saying he's never done this before. Done what? I excliamed! "been with a hot woman". I was really creeped out, he kept rubbing my thighs saying he can't belive I'm only 16, telling me he wishes his daughter was this hot. I asked him to stop, to which he replied "no one's going to belive you, you're a slutty cheerleader at some wothless highschool"!!!

I was terrified. He took his massive jeans off and revield his superman whitey tighties. I couldn't move. He wiggled his fat butt out of those superman briefs and revealled his tiny penis. It was so small I thought he used to be a she. Gross. He forced his large sweaty body on top of me and his mircro peepee was forced inside of me. It literally didn't feel like anything yet it was the most terrifing 5 seconds of my entire life. I couldn't believe this was real. Although I didn't feel a thing physicaly, it was grueling emotionally.

After he was done licking his ugly juice out of me, he picked me up and put me in the back of his suv. He droped me off on my doorstep and rung the door bell. I have never heard from him agian, he changed his number and his fellow nerd employees send me and my retard brother threats. One says their going to kill my family if I tell anyone about this. Not cool. I will be pressing charges.
forgive my spelling, I am a sixteen year old girl who's way too hot to care about things like spelling and grammer.
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