PKM / SPS LP is LIVE - Get Splinterlands Tokens with %98 APR in Hive LPs

PeakMonsters team created their utility token to be used to reward the Splinterlands players who use the third party market by sharing their profit via Hive liquidity pools. Via Diesel Pool and BeeSwap, anyone can start receiving DEC, Voucher, SPS, PKM, Swap Hive according to their liquidity share.

The token was created in 1/10 ratio of SPS/PKM 10 days ago. Today, the price of PKM token is 0.26 SPS = ~ $0.033 making x2.6 from the initial launch price.

Splinterlands peakmonster pkm utility token rewards hive lp.png

Sustainability of the LP Rewards

According to @peakmonsters, the rewards will be distributed in 120 days periods. After the first 120 days of rewarding period, there will be an accumulation time to fill the liquidity pool with more rewards. Then, new rewarding period is planned to be conducted.

As of writing, the total liquidity in the pool is around $426,000 in total. However, not all the liquidity providers receive the rewards. The accounts by the team are not eligible for the liquidity rewards to maximize the rewards to be distributed to the investors. Appreciated ✌

Read the details on the post by @pkm-token

excluded accounts.PNG

Here is the response by PeakMonsters account to my previous post about PKM token.

You may have noticed that we quietly updated
That page does a better job of explaining just how the LP rewards will work. Now we're doing 120 days and saving up and then doing another 120 days. Instead of 365 and adding like 3k more each month... this way those who add at the beginning will be just as benefitted as the end.
Also in general 3x more distributed per day compared to 365 day period.

To learn more about the features of the token, you can check the website that is always updated by the team.

APR, APY & The Long Run

Here is a screenshot that I took today to help you have a clear idea about the profitability of this investment.


$54 worth of LP brings $0.14 worthy of Splinterlands tokens daily.

Note: The prices of all these assets are relatively low due to the overall conditions in the crypto market. However, will they stay as low as these levels? I do not think so 🤏

I believe 2 different methods can be followed regarding your investor and/or gamer profile.

Method 1 - In-game growth

As you can see, the LP distributes the tokens with in-game utility and volume in the market. If one of the investors decides to use these rewards to increase his/her collection power in the game, I think it is quite easy to transfer the assets to gain more power in Splinterlands. In this method, somebody can enjoy the APR and gains more power gradually 💪🏼

Method 2 - Reinvesting to increase LP Shares

I think I'm going to follow this way to increase my LP share in this pool. WHY?
First of all, both the tokens being staked and the rewards being distributed are the digital assets that I want to accumulate more. So, this pool is a perfect match for people with this intention.

Besides, the rewards are already suitable for reinvesting strategy as you are already receiving a bunch of PKM and SPS back. Via the second method, the cumulative return of the investment within a year may multiply the APR rate considering the value of the rewards and the eligible liquidity in the pool.

The Long Run

I think the prices of all these assets are undervalued. Considering the growth of Splinterlands, these tokens, so does PKM token, are likely to gain value since they are quite lower than their intrinsic value.

The reason why I'm bullish for PKM liquidity token is that we are know the team and their amazing services to make Splinterlands more fun and profitable. Also, the reward sharing mechanism is an opportunity for people to be a stakeholder of this great project.

✔ Strong Sides of Splinterlands (Leading P2E Game, highest txs, Reputation)
✔ Great Services by PeakMonsters (User-friendly third party marketplace)
✔ The upcoming Bull-run and another hype on Play2Earn model
✔ Hive blockchain utilities (zero and nearly instant txs; Gaming & Blogging income)


Hive ecosystem has a brand new profitable liquidity pool that you can dive into it via Diesel Pool and BeeSwap. PKM / SPS pool rewards the liquidity providers with Splinterlands tokens such as DEC, Voucher, SPS + Swap Hive & PKM.

The LP will be used as a Profit Sharing Pool by PeakMonsters team to turn investors of the token into truly stakeholders of it. PKM/SPS LP has $426,000 of liquidity but the team does not reward their own liquidity contracts. So, the liquidity providers enjoy %98 APR as of writing.

You may use your rewards to gain more power in Splinterlands or you can increase your LP share by re-investing in daily basis. By taking active role in the LP, you can taste the delight of having De-Fi in Hive ecosystem with 0 fees and nearly-instant transactions 😎

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