Splinterlands Metaverse - Enlargening Play2Earn Narrative

Splinterlands is one of the oldest and most played Play2Earn game of crypto history. In the bear market, the majority of the play2earn games faced major concerns and lose of players directly related to the market conditions. Meanwhile, the solid projects kept building while the others have given up.

Unfortunate to admit that those projects which have not done anything to be prepared for the future will be forgotten as it always happens. In crypto, even the top 10 coins are erased from the hall of fame in a bull and bear cycle of 2 years. For Splinterlands and Splinterlands players, 2022 was an amazing year!

Splinterlands players / investors buy Splinterlands for $0.025 as of writing! Can you believe that the governance token of Splinterlands is traded for that price. I keep buying this precious token every single day!

New Narrative Unlocked: SplinterVerse

The year 2022 was the year of Splinterlands developers, too. The launch of SplinterVerse has the potential to put Splinterlands among top Metaverse games besides Play2Earn.

IMHO, it will be directly affected by the marketing team. If marketing team can make crypto ecosystem accept the fact that Splinterlands now has its metaverse, this narrative is likely to multiply the number of players, the value of NFTs and the price of tokens drastically.


Narrative of Metaverse Outperforms Play2Earn

Last bull-run was the time for Play2Earn, Move2Earn and Metaverse projects to get hyped. These concepts received a lot of attention but, eventually, it diminished gradually. What's left today is that Metaverse hype still has potential to be the next top concept back again.

Metaverses are developing, their new versions will be breathtaking for sure. In this hype, Splinterlands Metaverse should find a seat for itself with the launch of lands! The budget of marketing team may need to be increased even from today!

The story behind Splinterlands need to be matched with Metaverses, BakuGan, YuGi-OH and Pokemon. 3D graphics of catching Splinterlands monsters in Splinterlands Metaverse = Millions of Dollars investment

splinterlands yugioh pokemon.png

In this visual, there are 3 different projects, each gets millions of dollars investment because those who love such concepts put their money to the games they enjoy! Splinterlands has the potential to bring Card Gamers, YuGi-OH / Pokemon Lovers into the game with a story.

Even partnerships with Pokemon, Yugi-Oh or Bakugan like games will be a supportive factors to advance game to Metaverse League.


How many of these "Metaverse" games have a real concept for a "verse"?

Honestly saying, Sandbox, Decentraland, Enjin and Illuvium are the only ones that should be there as metaverse projects. Splinterlands should be in the 3rd position after Sandbox and Decentraland in the hall of fame. After 4 years of consistent development, below top 5 is unacceptable for me.

We already have an amazing game that has survived 2 bear market and developed itself better. The focus should be based on adopting Splinterlands as a Metaverse & Play2Earn game as soon as possible.

What do you think about the potential of Metaverse concept for Splinterlands?

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