Ranked play card reward payout penalty Good or Bad?


#Ranked play card reward payout penalty Good or Bad?

Most battles now have a penalty for playing cards below previous league max level.

What does that really mean? In the screenshot below you can see that I took a -16% Reward Reduction for Low Level Cards.


League card full earning Requirements.

For each league you will need to own or rent cards to the max of the previous league to not have any penalties applied.


Here is the table showing each league and the min card level needed.


Example described

In the following battle I am the bottom team playing with 5 monsters and a summoner.


Since I have advanced into the Gold league with my Mid Silver deck I will have a few cards that are not leveled up and will accrue a penalty.

My Corpse Fiend is level 1 and will take a penalty
My Chaos Agent is level 4 and will take a penalty
My Life Sapper is level 3 and will take a penalty.
My Uraeus is level 3 and will not take a penalty
My Venari Bonesmith is level 5 rare and will not take a penalty. Also technically it should not get a bonus either for playing above the silver level lof 4 for rare cards.

I ended up taking a 16% penalty and should have received a 19% penalty. So either they gave a bonus for having one card higher than the min required level or something else is going on. Any clues?

##Link to proposal text.

My thoughts

Actually I really like the new penalties for playing low level cards. In my mind it has reduced the level one bots that plagued Silver and Gold leagues in previous seasons. I now feel like I am playing against players that own cards. This may be bots playing other users accounts but I am ok with that. The cards are owned by an account and it feels fairer to me.

Once I move into Gold League with my Mid Silver Deck each season I will receive a penalty on most if not all of my battles. I feel I am earning around the same as I earned previous seasons.

Let me know what you think about the new "Card Level Reward system"?

If you wish to try out Splinterlands you can use my reference link.