Hello lovelies💝,
welcome to my blog again, how are you doing today and how is your day going. Hope you are cool. Because me I'm super excited right now, I was wondering where to share the joy in my heart and I noticed here will be the Best place to do that.

It is really an existing new guy.I made another move towards achieving my GLX staking goals,my goal is 1k and that I will achieve. I know we call this year up but just these few days left for me I would let it just go without making it count on something tangible.

I still feel I'm late to respond to this move going on in the splinterlands community. I have been here in hive but yet I didn't know about splinterlands and all of its good investment opportunities. But it is better late than never . Last week was my first move and today I'm adding more to it, I believe in little by little making great counts. I know it is the season of laughter and enjoyment. I will still create time to make posts and also invest.

Better things are gotten if we plan and don't give up, even if the step we take Maybe little bit by little but it better than not even making a move, I have been reading post, I've heard that so much goodies will soon come to the splinterlands community and I don't want to be let out when the season for reward comes.

Thanks tomorrow I will add another glx token to my stake. I want to be increasing it on a daily basis, trying to hit 1k. Let's see what I can do before the year ends. Thank you splinterlands team for the great opportunity and for promising a better future. Hence my hope for striving more.

Splinterlands is a free-to-play card game that could be played with a browser or on your mobile phone. The uniqueness of the game is that it is a play2earn game, meaning that every card that you obtain in the game be it in NFTs or a non-fungible token is yours and could be sold in the marketplace to gain money. All items collected value for exchange; you can either sell your cards or rent them out, then you get paid with the in-game currency called the Dark Energy Crystal (DEC). This DEC is worth being in the marketplace too.

Thanks for reading, I will be dropping another of my investment posts hopefully tomorrow.