Share Your Battle - Wood Nymph

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Weekly Share Your Battle Challenge - Theme: Wood Nymph

The Wood Nymph is a reward card from the Beta edition set. It is an excellent support card that does 1 magic damage at all but the highest 2 levels, and costs 4 mana. The monster starts out at level 1 with the Tank Heal ability and gains Strengthen at level 8. These two abilities make it a great card for sustaining a lineup in battle. The monster also gains health and attack speed as it levels up. Here are her stats.

Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph Stats.PNG

My Battle

Silver 3 - Rulest: Equalizer, 19 mana, Fire/Earth/Death available

I decided to use as many low mana cost cards as possible, as opposed to a single high health point tank in the first position followed by the Wood Nymph due to the Equalizer ruleset. I decided to use Obsidian as my summoner since the challenge is with the Wood Nymph. I will also use a magic heavy lineup in order to leverage the summoners +1 magic boost. Here is the battlefield.

Battle Lineups.PNG
Watch Battle Here

1st Position

I went with the Fungus Fiend as its an excellent choice for this ruleset and its zero mana cost. The fiends are extremely valuable cards that can used in almost endless situations.

2nd Position

I decided to put the Failed Summoner in the second position as it would attract the damage of any snipe monsters on the opposing team. It would also make a good secondary tank once the Fungus Fiend got deleted from the battlefield. It's Magic Reflect ability is also very effective versus a magic heavy team.

3rd Position

I used Queen Mycelia in this position. This legendary monster has magic damage and the Protect ability giving +2 armor to all friendly monsters. The protect ability gives my lineup a hedge against the possibility of facing a melee heavy Fire team or ranged heavy Death team.

4th Position

I placed the Wood Nymph in this position as it is usually one of the safest places to be. This position will give her 3 chances to heal first position monsters, 4 including herself.

5th Position

I chose to use the Venari Seedsmith primarily due to its Scavenger ability. This ability is extremely powerful, and exceptionally so in the equalizer ruleset. It will likely have accumulated a lot of extra health points by the time it reaches the first position. Having the Seedsmith before the last monster will give whoever follows it a few extra rounds to attack due to it increasing health points as other monsters perish.

6th Position

Djinn Biljka finished up my lineup. This monsters camouflage ability makes it a safe bet to in the last position. Any monsters with the sneak ability will ignore it and target the Venari Seedsmith instead.

Tank Heal For the Win!

Any monster with the tank heal ability is a very valuable card that can be the difference between victory and defeat, and the Wood Nymph is no exception. The fact that she does magic damage makes her more valuable as the Earth splinter has gained a +1 magic damage summoner. The Chaos Legion addition of the Goblin Psychic makes running dual tank heal monsters in a lineup a possibility also.

Thank you for your time, and good luck in the Splinterlands!

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