T&A Townhall # 1 - Win rate, T&A Tournaments and Branding

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In this video I will share the new direction for Time and Attention Guild (T&A), we are aiming at growing our success and rewards by aiming high, and if you want to know more about what that looks like, then watch this video. And as always leave comments below.

T&A Townhall notes: 2023-04-06

  1. Vision: we want to aim high, extract max rewards for T&A, we want to excel.
    • Tier 4 is a whole new difficulty level, our best is required.
    • Several of our players are crushing it, some are not. Many spend real money to rent cards to succeed, that is the level of commitment we are going to need moving forward. Tier 4 is too tough otherwise.
  2. We have data that can measure consistency. Other guilds use similar metrics.
    • Perfection is NOT expected, consistency is.
  3. We have options for people who are struggling:
    • Training
    • Delegations
    • Opportunities in other T&A guilds
  4. 50% performance is the aim. Perfection is not the expectation, improvement and then consistency is.
    • If a player is failing to meet the moving target they will be offered help, see above.
    • At some point, these measures will improve our results significantly. ALL players will eventually be over 50% if we expect it. If this happens, we will consistently be FIRST OR SECOND in the brawls. MEANING MORE MERITS, CROWNS, & SPS!
  5. Gold Foil frays will receive a greater degree of leniency.
    • Certain frays may be identified as difficult to fill, ongoing assessment will be done.
    When will this begin?
  • It already has, we have been tracking data already.
    o T&A 1, 2, 4 and 5 have already approved this next phase of T&A.
  • Over the next two frays we will expect a 50% win rate, on average.
  • If that’s difficult, then seek help as outlined above.
  • We have an opportunity here to crush tier 4, max our crowns, merits and SPS.
  • Every brawl victory at this stage is pushing T&A more and more into the lead as the best guild, because merits, crowns and even SPS are needed for high level play in the future.
    o Where will we be in 1 year from now, if every player on T&A has max Gladiator cards, no other guild has?
    o Where will we be in 1 year from now, if T&A has guild buildings no one else has?
  • Lastly, we are blessed by having several guilds, some at tier 2, 3 and 4. If one player can thrive at another level, we should give them that chance. And we owe it to our best players to reward their performance by supporting our aim for excellence.

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