Are you Investing in Splinterlands? Starting with 150 SPS Stake

There is a popular saying that goes "if you can't beat them, join them". It looks like I have tried to ignore the much trends about Splinterlands at my own peril. I thought I could mind my business and focus on other investment interests I had on hive but not again. I joined hive not just as content creator but as an investor on my own capacity. I literally had to shut down my POS business to invest on hive. My schooling schedule could not allow me give my best to the business. I'm glad that I took that decision then to be a part of the hive blockchain.


My investment interests was first $CENT token. I have built my CENT token stake to over 20,000 and still adding, but recently, I learnt that diversifying is better. I didn't even seeing this long dump in $CENT since I bought in at about $0.007. With all I've read about Splinterlands game and the opportunities in the ecosystem, I can't anymore ignore Splinterlands based investments. Here's where my monies would go in forthwith.

I've learnt the rule that long-term is better. I'm in for tbr long run. At $0.058, buying SPS looks cool especially with all the positive vibes I get from contents I read. I've read that SPS could get back to $1. I don't know when and how but I will be happy if that happens. From $0.06 to $1 would have made my investment in SPS go higher by 16x.

I think I love all the fuzz I am seeing and the many developments happening everyday in the Splinterlands community.

Today, I staked 150 SPS tokens

Today, I staked 150 SPS tokens. That is about $9. It may look small but I will be topping up consistently. My goal is 1,000 SPS before the end of Q1, 2023. I may even surpass that goal by then.

Here's is the transaction screenshots and links for staking 150 SPS.

Transfer of 150 SPS from hive-engine to splinterlands wallet - link

Staking of 150 SPS in my splinterlands wallet - link

SPS is just my first appealing asset in tbr Splinterlands ecosystem. I will look out for more tokens that I also buy. I hope friends here can help m e make suggestions in the comments section of this post.

The next step in the Splinterlands game journey will be to learn and start playing the game. I can see a Bright future around the Splinterlands game but a lot of patience is needed while the process heals out.

Do you know what Splinterlands is?

Splinterlands is a special digital trading card game that allows players to own their cards and other in-game assets. Splinterlands is powered by HIVE, a web 3.0 technology. Each card in the Splinterlands game is a non-fungible token (NFT) owned by a player who can do anything he wants with his cards, including battling for rewards, holding as collectibles, trading on the peer-to-peer market, or renting to other players.

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