Splinterlands' new Sports Gaming platform, rewards SPS stakers with trending GLX Token


The developers of leading play to earn game, splinterlands have created a new sports gaming platform known as Genesis League Sports which will host many sports games. Genesis League Sports will serve as a multiple blockchain games platform with Genesis League Goals as the first.

The Splinterlands team had launched the sales of NFT card packs for Genesis League Goals two weeks ago and th sales of the packs are commendable. Past the 250k count. Each pack was sold for $5 with Hive (crypto) and with fiat via PayPal.

Whereas the GLG packs are not yet opened nor has there been any communication on how the packs will be engaged, the Splinterlands team launched a tokenomics system for Genesis League Sports and listed the governance token for the platform on Hive-engine Market.

The open trading of the governance token, GLX started on November 8. Before this time, Splinterlands players who stake SPS within the Splinterlands game are airdropped GLX tokens on a daily basis. The proportion of GLX received to SPS staked is unknown. The airdrop Which started on October 25 will last for one full year.

It was imaginable that an airdropped token like GLX should be dumped especially by SPS whales who receive thousands of GLX everyday. The unassuming happened. The Open trading of GLX started at 2 cents to 5 cents to 10 cents and has risen above 20 Cents.

Many recipients are cashing out a lot of Hive from GLX sales. There is only one market for GLX now which only allows hive users to buy. The value of the token could go higher if it gets listed on other exchanges, the price of GLX could go higher.

Meanwhile, GLX is stakeable on Genesis League Sports website for GLX rewards. The APY is insane high over 1000%. The Splinterlands team plans to roll out burn feature for GLX for the minting of the stablecoin for the platform, GLUSD.

Better times are ahead in the Splinterlands ecosystem.

Do you know what Splinterlands is?

Splinterlands is a special digital trading card game that allows players to own their cards and other in-game assets. Splinterlands is powered by HIVE, a web 3.0 technology. Each card in the Splinterlands game is a non-fungible token (NFT) owned by a player who can do anything he wants with his cards, including battling for rewards, holding as collectibles, trading on the peer-to-peer market, or renting to other players.

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