9 days in this AMAZING game and already have a 20%+ return of investment in assets

Hi Guys,

I want to share with you my journey in the past week and a half in this game because I don't know if it`s only "RNG gods", my attention to market, time invested, tens of hours of YTB guides, spreadsheets and etc.

Well, i started with a 10$ buying the Spellbook and after 3 days i invested another 88$. Here starts the funny thing with a 98$ investment.

Spellbook -10$
Investment traded into DECs -88$
cover post.png

25 SPS staked - received from giveaways, daily drops etc. = 20-22$
Cards in inventory = 18-20$. ( Bought just 1 Djin Chiwalla and few Pelacore mercs).
DECs in account = 5.6K = 80$

After I watched this amazing thread wrote by @acantoni (https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@acantoni/off-meta-cheap-water-deck-building-silver) went with 3 days before end season and rented until S3. Now i already have rented ( theoretically if won`t be canceled ) 40k Power up until to S2. So by the end of this season i will surely recover back and if know my account worth somewhere around 115-125$, at the end of the season i think it will pass 150$.

So i'm just wondering and i would love to hear your thoughts below : I'm just lucky to win some rare/epic cards so fast and few small giveaways ? Or Splinterlands community is amazing, the game have the best ecosystem on all market related to NFT games. Look at sorare/Gods unchained which run on ETH, you can`t sell anything because of the gas fee :)).

Hope you did not get bored, had to much coffe, couldn't sleep and I said OK, let`s share some numbers for the past 9 days.

Good night!


Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily basis.