April 21. Daily Quest Rewards


Good day!

I am the one who tries to do the daily quests every day. I know there are some people who are not interested in DQs, and usually don't do them. Some of those people are in the low leagues and they think that doing DQs is wasting time. And on one side I understand them. I don't think I would put effort to get 1 potion or 1 credit :))

Anyways, I feel comfortable in gold-diamond leagues and I enjoy the process of doing DQs. It is one of the things that I enjoy in the game. I don't understand why would people play the game if they don't enjoy each feature.

So, today I had a Life splinter quest! And it is one of my favorites. I am working on strengthening my Life team.

So, it took me just 5 mins to beat 5 opponents with life monsters. And here are my rewards!!!


Yes! It is DJINN OSHANNUS!!! Not gold foil one but still handsome! haha

Also, have you seen 8+8 DEC? Isn't it a sign of infinity?

And, 2 Twilight Basilisk? Okay, I think it is a sign of a lucky day!

Cards Total Value: $3.485

Good luck!

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