Feb 14. Daily Quest Rewards


Good day!


Another daily quest in Splinterlands is completed. How do you like my rewards?!

Today I received 1 gold foil card and of course, I am super happy. Especially, because I like that card.

I like gf cards. And there are a lot of reasons for it. At least, because using gf cards gives an extra DEC bonus in ranked battles.

Today I had the easiest daily quest, it was a neutral one. So, I had to win just 3 battles. It was perfect! Because today I had a crazy day, and I almost didn't have time to sit down and to take a time to play Splinterlands. I even didn't finish my cup of coffee.

Cards Total Value: $ 0.958

Today is the last day of the season. I will battle until Diamond 3 league probably. But I am not sure yet. I need to think about it more.

Good luck!!!

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