A card from the life deck with incredible abilities that will make a big difference in battles.


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In this post I will talk about the Time Mage card and why I consider it a very useful card in battles with the life deck in splinterlands.

Time mage is a card that arrived in the chaos legion edition so it is a recent card but it proves to be an amazing card to use and it is a rare card of the life deck edition, but now I will talk about its usefulness in battles through its abilities and also in battle.

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In the image above you can see its stats and abilities at all levels and it is a magic attack card with 4 mana cost, but now let's go to its first ability.

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The Slow ability makes the Time Mage reduce the attack speed of enemy cards by 1 while it is on the field, if it is defeated then the cards recover this speed and this ability is very useful to give your cards more chances to attack the cards. enemy cards first.

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The rust ability is his second and also last ability and it makes enemy cards have 2 shields removed by the Time Mage while she is on the field and is a very useful ability to make enemy cards more vulnerable as they will lose one considerable amount of shield or even all.

It may seem like little but it is an amazing card and its abilities make a lot of difference in battle as enemy cards are very vulnerable when Time Mage is on the field and it has only 4 mana cost which makes it an essential card that can use in low mana battles without any problems.

Now I will show it in battle to see its usefulness in practice.

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Drake of Arnak is a great summoner of the dragon deck that grants +1 shield to all allied cards so it was my choice for this battle because having shield on cards most of the time is quite useful.

Almo Cambio is a card that doesn't have an attack but has a lot of life which is very useful to defend, it also has the Immunity ability that makes it immune to negative statuses and also the Phase ability that makes it able to dodge attacks magicians.

Luminous eagle is a card that can attack in second position because of its ability Reach, and it also has the ability Flying that increases its chances of dodging attacks from cards that don't have that ability.

Stitch Leech is a low mana cost card that has a lot of attack, in addition it has the ability Sneak that makes it attack the enemy card in the last position and the ability Life Leech that makes it gain life based on the damage it dealt enemy card.

Time Mage will be useful to decrease the attack speed of enemy cards with its Slow ability and also reduce the amount of shield of enemy cards with the Rust ability and it also has a good attack and a lot of speed which makes it even more useful in the battle.

Peacebringer will only do damage as its attack is high and it is a great choice because of its attack and its low mana cost.

Venari Crystalsmith will deal damage and heal the card in the first position with its Tank Heal ability so it is very useful in battle and its mana cost is also low.

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Watch The Battle

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My opponent used the earth deck and his cards have a lot of attack so this will be a problem, but his cards have no shield which makes them vulnerable and I have the Drake of Arnak summoner shield which gives me a good advantage.

In the first round my defenses became quite efficient as none of my cards were defeated and my first position card is still holding the enemy attack well but it's still too early to decide anything because my opponent still has a lot of powerful cards on the field.

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In the second round my first position card was defeated but I still have a strong defense since I still have many cards and all of them with shield and my opponent's main defensive cards are almost being defeated.

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In the third round I ended up losing to Venari Crystalsmith who was healing my first position card but my opponent positioned himself wrongly and put a ranged card in front of a melee card which made it useless in first position and gave me a big advantage.

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In the fourth round there were few enemy cards left and at the end of it there was only one card against 4 of mine which made the rest of the battle very easy since my opponent didn't have enough damage to win.

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In the fifth round the last card was defeated and the outcome of the battle was decided to be my victory.

Time Mage didn't show its full potential because my opponent only had a shield card but its Slow ability was very useful to make my cards attack before and that gave me a good advantage in the battle, in addition it did good damage and so I consider it a very useful card to use and that costs little mana.

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Time Mages are members of the Order of the Silver Shield and close associates of the Wizards' Council. They are trusted to peer through the fabric of time and reality to foretell the future or manipulate the present by slowing the flow of time. They can also speed up the aging process of armor, causing it to rust prematurely.

However, with such power also comes great risk. The future is ever-changing, and the ripples of time can affect everyone. Time Mages must undergo strict training to ensure they don't abuse their power and use it only for the most dire of circumstances.
“It’s your kids, Marten! something’s gotta be done about your kids!”

--Time Mage to Marten Paragon, Father of Dax Paragon, 25 years prior to the Chaos Legion invasion


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