A card with selfish and evil goals but that is a great defense in battles in splinterlands.


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Today I will talk about the Harklaw card which is one of the current legendary reward cards, but its value is usually much cheaper than Djinn Oshannus and Djinn Biljka, are they better than Harklaw? so I decided to make this post to talk about him and also show him in battle since it's the card I decide to choose for this week's SHARE YOUR BATTLE challenge.

The first thing I'm going to talk about is your status and abilities.

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As you can see it is a legendary card from the death deck and its attack type is melee, it has a low attack but it has a lot of health and defense, and its speed is low, but now let's talk about its abilities which are what really make it a powerful card.

Harklaw has 3 abilities, namely Shield, Immunity and Demoralize, and I will talk about them below.

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The Shield ability causes the melee and ranged damage dealt to the card to be reduced by half, so it's a great ability for Harklaw as he will be more defensive than offensive card because it doesn't have much attack, so having the damage taken decreased will make it fulfill this function well.

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The Immunity skill will make the card immune to negative stats, so it will also be a great skill for Harklaw as he will be immune to those stats like stun or poison and will make him extremely useful in battles with the Noxious Fumes rule where all cards take poison damage at the end of the turn, and with Immunity Harklaw becomes immune to it.

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The Demoralize skill causes Harklaw to decrease the melee attack by 1 of enemy cards while he has it in battle, so it's the type of skill that benefits both Harklaw and all his cards on the field because they will take less damage from those cards already that they will have less attack.

And those are the Harklaw stats and abilities you need to know, now let's get to the battle part.

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But first I will show you the cards I chose for this battle.

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As a summoner I chose Thadius Brood who is an excellent summoner who has just arrived in splinterlands and his function will be to decrease the magic attack of enemy cards by 1 and their health by 1, so it is very useful against magic cards and will also decrease their health of all enemy cards which makes them easier to defeat.

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Haunted spirit is a melee card that has the Heal ability so it will heal itself on your turn and it also has the Magic Reflect ability that returns part of the magic damage dealt to it, so it's a great card to have on the field.

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The Gorlodon is also a melee card and he can attack in the second position since he has the Reach ability and in addition he has the ability and True Strike that makes him unable to miss the attack so he will do a lot of damage without missing and has a lot of life which is great to defend.

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The Phantom Soldier is an excellent magic card that has the Fly ability so cards that don't have this ability will have a hard time hitting it and it also has the Silence ability that reduces enemy magic attack by 1, so in addition to Thaddius Brood you will also have it to reduce magic attack, in addition it has a lot of health and magic attack which makes it even better.

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Dark Enchantress is also a magic card with the Fly ability and it has a lot of attack and speed so it's a great offensive card.

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Dhampir Stalker is a ranged card that has a high attack and also the True Strike ability that makes it unable to miss the target, so it will be a good choice to deal damage in battles.

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And the Harklaw that as I mentioned before his usefulness in battles, he will play a very important role in this battle.

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Watch The Battle

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In this battle my opponent didn't choose any card so Thaddius Brood and Phantom Soldier lost some of their usefulness, but Thaddus Brood reduces the enemies' health and as you can see there is the Noxious Fumes rule in this battle so this will be of big help.

Besides, you must be wondering why I put Harklaw in the last position if he can't attack from there, and there are 2 reasons for that. The first is that it would serve as a defense against cards that attack the last position like cards that have the Sneak ability, but in this battle there was none like that but there was no way for me to know so that was one of the reasons, the second and most important reason is that as there is the Noxious Fumes rule, so Harklaw is immune and making it his last card gives him a huge advantage because when he reaches first position the opponent will already have suffered many losses with poison and he It will be without any scratches, so it will be your asset in battle.

In this first round my cards hardly suffered any damage and most of them have a lot of health which is very important in the Noxious Fumes rule, meanwhile my opponent has a good defense since he has the shield of summoner Kelya Frendul but his cards are not well positioned.

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In the second round I lost some cards and so did my opponent, but he lost more than that and in addition his remaining cards are very low on health so the battle position will do a lot of damage to them.

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And finally, there was only one card of him left on the field and she only had 1 health and 1 shield but one of my magic cards attacked her and defeated her in the first attack as magic attacks go straight through the shield.

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In the end I didn't even need to use my trump card which was Harklaw but as you can see he was unharmed in this battle so it would be an incredible card if it had been necessary for his participation and besides as an opponent he didn't have magic cards so his Shield ability would be great use.

Harklaw is a very useful card and mine in this battle didn't have the Demoralize ability so it couldn't show its full potential, but if it had the enemy it would do much less damage since most of its cards were melee.

This is my battle for the challenge, hope you like it.

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Harklaw has achieved the highest degree of Dark Eternal existence in this realm. For many years it has been ready to cross over to the dark reality, but it has graciously stayed behind. Such is the tradition with the greatest Dark Eternal sorcerers of all time to help with the conversion and advancement of others.

Little does the Lord of Darkness know that Harklaw stays behind not to help his fellow Dark to oneness, but to pursue selfish and secret goals. Harklaw has already won the loyalty of some of the Dark Lord’s closest confidants, and together they are concocting a scheme to dethrone him forever.


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