An amazing monk to defend the front lines of your battles in Splinterlands.


Many here have heard about monks and how they are dedicated and devoted to their religion and they are very skilled even in martial arts, but what if I told you that in splinterlands there are also monks and that they fight to protect others and guide the light in the dark? if you don't know them then I will talk about them and they are called Xenith Monks.

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They came together with chaos legion and inhabit the neutral deck, but I think that on your journey in splinterlands you must have seen them on the battlefields and maybe even got angry since their skills are not easy to deal with.

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The first thing I can say about this card is that it has 4 mana cost and that you will usually use it in the first position and the tip is that it is incredibly strong in battles with the little league rule, so you will certainly want to having him on your side defending the front line.

But now let's talk about his abilities as his stats are not that good so don't expect him to be a card that will do a lot of damage because his main function is to defend.

His first skill is heal and it allows the card to heal at 1/3 of its max health so if you take Xenith Monks at lv 2 as an example and he has 6 health then he will heal 2 health per turn if get him at the maximum level which is level 8 he will have 8 health but still he will heal 2 because it only counts integers and the minimum is that healing is 2.

Heal - Restores a portion of the Monster's health each round. 1/3 of the monsters max health rounded down is restored. Minimum is 2.

Your second skill is Void and it reduces the magic damage received so it is already a great option if the enemy uses a lot of magic cards, it is always good to see which cards the enemy usually uses for you to assemble the best strategy.

Void - Reduced damage from Magic attacks. Same effects as shield but for magic damage.

And his last skill is Magic Reflect which causes incoming magic attacks to be reflected causing a part of the damage to the enemy card, in addition to the Void skill he also has this one so it will certainly be a lot of work for magic cards besides it has a mana cost very low so you can use it in various types of battles.

Magic Reflect - When hit with Magic damage, does reduced Magic damage back to the attacker. Equal to damage of the attacker/2 rounded up. Doesn't matter if the monster being hit by magic has void, it only looks at the damage from the attacker.

As you can see Xenith Monk is focused on defense and an excellent card to use against opponents who use magic cards, but if he had a shield it would be even better since he would have a very strong protection for all types of attacks and another tip that I can give you to use any card or summoner that increases the health of the cards by +1 like the Strengthen skill so Xenith Monks would have 9 health at higher levels and would heal 3 life per turn with the heal skill.

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The current value of this card is $0.66 and that alone shows how useful it is in battles as the demand for it is high, in addition to that, just compare it with another card of the same rarity and edition to confirm this.

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As you can see Xenith Monks has almost 5x the value of other cards of the same rarity so is it a good option to buy or is the value too high?

In my opinion, the card is worth much more than the others since its usefulness is much greater and besides, when the chaos legion sale ends, it will probably increase its price a lot so I wouldn't say it's a bad idea to have it in your hands .

How about we know your story just to finish the analysis of this incredible card?

Xenith Monks created the Xenith Scale, a society devoted to enlightenment, knowledge, and the protection of others. Xenith Monks focus on expanding their minds to become more self aware and strive to achieve pure balance in all things in order to understand and comprehend Mana and its impact on the Splinterlands.

The code of the Xenith Scale focuses on the art of healing, shielding, and directing the flow of Mana.

Be a shield to those in need.

Be a guiding light in the darkness.

Be a helping hand to the weary.

Be an unmoving scale, balanced as all things should be.
Magical attacks erupted around the Xenith Monk in bursts of spectacular colors. Fire, lightning, ice, and wind whirled like a hurricane around the warrior, cutting, slicing, and battering her again and again. Blood poured from her wounds, coating the ground red. The energy from the arcane assault kicked up a torrent of smoke around the monk but still it persisted.

In the blinding smoke, the Xenith Monk twisted her hands around in a rhythmic motion. She began to dance within the cloud, her hands moving with unnatural speed. The barrage of arcane attacks continued but slowly, one by one, the Magi of Chaos each stopped their assault. They stared wide eyed inside the cloud of smoke as their attacks froze in space. An arcane hum filled the air.

Suddenly, the still magic at the center of the smoke erupted outwards towards the mages surrounding the monk. The energy collided with mages, knocking them off their feet. Others were cut and pierced by the magical attacks, leaving a bloody mess where they once stood. The few mages who remained glanced around at their allies and finally came to rest their eyes in the center where the smoke now faded. Standing in the middle of a crater was the Xenith Monk with nary a scratch on them. Their wounds were slowly healing as they snapped their neck and knuckles, twirled their arms in a circle, and brushed dirt off of their shoulder.