Magi of Chaos, a card with a high price compared to other cards of the same rarity and edition but for what reason?


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Today I will try to unravel the mystery about the price of the Magi of Chaos card, which is a card from the neutral deck of the chaos legion edition that has a slightly higher price compared to other cards of the same rarity/edition, but why does this happen ? I'll start talking about the card to understand its role in battles and see if it's really worth having a price above the others.

As I mentioned before, Magi of Chaos is a neutral deck card and this already gives it a certain value since in this deck you can use it with any other deck, so it is the type of card where you will have the option of use it in practically every battle and this is a very positive point for him, another thing that would also be important to mention is that he is a card with magic attack and generally these cards tend to have a slightly higher value but that it's usually attributed to the amount of attack they have and in the case of Magi of Chaos their initial attack is 2 so some of their value can be attributed to that, I think it's 2 interesting points to mention and now I'm going to talk about their ability which is one of the points that most represent a card.

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In terms of its ability, Magi of Chaos isn't very impressive because it only has 1 ability which is unusual for an epic card and it doesn't attract much attention.

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Its only ability that is acquired from level 5 is Opress and it makes the Magi of Chaos do double damage on cards that don't have an attack, we can take as an example the Riftwing card which is also a card of the chaos edition legion and belongs to the death deck, so the Magi of Chaos would do double damage to this card as it has no attack.

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It's an interesting ability since there are a good amount of cards that don't have attack and are positioned in the first position to defend, so on those occasions the Magi of Chaos will be very useful, but on the other hand this is the only ability of it so don't call a lot of attention from investors for this and it is also not an ability that will often be useful and when it is it will usually be against only 1 card from the enemy team. That's why I believe that its value is attributed mainly to the fact that it is a neutral deck card and is a magic card, but particularly I still don't consider it to be a great advantage to have it because there are many other cards with a greater potential for editing chaos legion and also from previous editions that would catch my attention.

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Regarding values, let's start with the weekly sales chart of the card.

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In this last week the value of the Magi of Chaos kept dropping even if a little but in a downward trend, but I don't believe it has a relationship with the usefulness of the card in battles but because many cards of the chaos legion edition have a slight downtrend in the last few days and one of the main factors is the distribution of packs in daily missions and season rewards.

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Now if we look at the 1 month chart we can see that this drop is common and it tends to come back to a higher price in a few days as the chart shows and it happened several times in the last month, but will this happen again? this is the big question that every investor has but I believe that we are just at the starting point of the values of the chaos legion cards as there are still packs for sale, but if this is a short term investment opportunity then it is a decision that you have to take, but as I mentioned before I can see potential in other cards that provide a better opportunity. On the other hand, I also believe that the Magi of Chaos has its value as a card and that in the right battle it can be a great asset to your team as its attack is high and it gets even better with summoners that grant more magic attack.

This is my point of view on this letter and if you have something different to mention about it then please leave it in the comments so that this post becomes even more complete as I may have missed something regarding the Magi of Chaos.

One last thing I could mention in relation to the card is its history and whether or not that gives any value to the letter I can't say, but I'll leave it below in case you're interested in reading it.

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The Magi of the Chaosium are the heralds of the Legion itself. For hundreds of years they met and studied in secret, gathering ancient artifacts and scraps of forbidden knowledge, much that was once thought lost. As the convergence grew close they plied the void for its treasures and listened furtively to the voices in the dark to make way for the coming of the Lord of Chaos. Once the way was opened and doom poured from the sky they rose from their hidden places to claim the promise of power from their dark masters.
“The void whispered to us in the dreams of children. The Magus was the first to realize their significance. Answers came slowly.

In bits and pieces he stitched the threads of their rambling screams to complete the work. It was only after the first successful transmutation that the veil began to tear and the void in the dark could reveal itself to us.

It was they that spoke to us in nightmares. It was they that answered our prayers, solving the riddle of the crypteia and opening the way for those beyond. They offered so much and asked for so little in return, a simple sacrifice of blood and bone and the power of chaos would be ours.”

-- Oleus Invodor, Children of Doom