Prismologist, a little-used but incredibly powerful epic card with the potential to rise in value in the future.


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In this post I will talk about an excellent choice of card for your battles and also for your pocket because it has incredible potential for both and I believe that in the future you will not regret having it. The card is Prismologist and it is an epic card from the chaos legion edition of the life deck, and today you will find out why it is so good.

Prismologist is a ranged card and it kind of confuses me sometimes because if you read its history you will know that Prismologists are experts in illusory magic, but I will leave it to talk about their history at the end and now let's focus on their usefulness that is one of the main points of this post.

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As I said before it is a ranged card and its attack is quite high and this will be very useful since it is the type of card that will do a lot of damage in battle, but its speed is very low and it doesn't change in levels bigger so it's a negative point for her and her health doesn't like it too much since it's also low, but she has a shield and this will be very useful against melee and ranged cards so it makes up for the fact that her life is low, besides her mana cost is 8 and that's quite high but it's the kind of card that will be worth spending that mana. Now let's get to her abilities.

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The first one is Blast and this ability causes Prismologist to deal additional damage to the cards next to the card it attacked, so an example would be for it to attack the enemy card in the first position so it will do some of that damage to the card in the second position since she is close to the first position and the damage is half the damage done on the first card, so if you take Prismologist at level 1 where she has 3 attack then the damage done would be 1.5 but this value is rounded up and the damage caused is 2, in the case of her level 4 where she has 4 attack the damage would also be 2 since it's half and the only way she does more damage than that is having a summoner that increases her attack like the summoner General Sloan from the deck of health, so it would have 5 attack and deal 3 damage.

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Its second ability is Forcefield and maybe you don't know this one but it's an amazing ability that makes cards that have 5 or more damage only do 1 damage to Prismologist, so if the opponent has cards with a lot of attack it won't be a big problem for her.

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Its third and final ability is Silence and it causes the magic attack of enemy cards to be reduced by 1, so it's an excellent ability to decrease the damage done by these cards that are usually quite strong since they ignore the card's shield and attack health directly, so it's the ability type that will benefit all your cards on the field as they take less damage from these cards.

As you can see it is an incredible card and quite powerful for your battles as it has a combination of high damage, good defense and also helps other cards to receive less damage from cards with magic attack and even if its mana cost is high she will be worth having in battles.

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Let's get to know a little more about this card through its market value.

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This is its current value at the moment, but if there's something that draws my attention about it, it's that in the last few days I've been watching its price fluctuation and it always stays at this value and there are moments when it makes a big rise that they come close to $2 so I always see an opportunity when their price drops a lot and in my opinion I consider this value very low for her as it is quite useful in battles and has cards of the same rarity that cost more and I don't see as useful as it, so I believe it's a good investment for the long term when the pack sales end and even in the short term because I believe it still has to go over $2 before that happens.

But of course everyone has their point of view regarding investment and this is just mine on this card and I can also be wrong, but my main focus in this post was to explain how this card is amazing and useful for battles and how I mentioned it before about your story I'll leave it below for you to read.

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Prismologists are experts at illusory and light-based magic using prisms. Armed with their custom built prism, they bring them to the battlefield to manipulate magic around themselves. Light dances around them in a rainbow of colors as they lay waste to a bloody battlefield.

Those who wish to become Prismologists train at the Peace of Light Monastery from dawn until dusk with the goal of joining the order of the Spectrum Prism. Their mastery of light and glass allows them to perform spectacularly stunning and powerful magic.

In order to become a full-fledged Spectrum member and Prismologist, a spellcaster must craft their own Prism to use as a focus for their spells. Each summer solstice, future Prismologists journey from the Shimmer City to the deserts of Draykh Nahka to collect sand and create their own prism.

It is a challenging process involving facing multiple dragons in battle, heating the sand enough to become glass, and making it through the desert alive. Not many manage to complete the task, but those that do are a sight to behold.
As the sun sank beneath the horizon on the third day of battle at New Everitt, the sky shifted from a blood red to pitch black. The fighting continued into the night, and occasionally torches and spells would flash across the battlefield. This was war and had been for some time since the Chaos Legion arrived.

The enemy army had minions that could see in the dark, but most Praetorians weren't that lucky. Many relied on torch light at night or were able to land a hit with the light of a spell. Fighting in the dark was madness, and soon the enemy would wash over the city. The retreat horn sounded in the deep, and allies fled behind the barricaded walls. The enemy advanced on the heavy gates, smashing and slamming into it with attacks and spells.

A light appeared in the distance, brighter than any spell or star. Pearlescent rays shot over the battlefield, revealing it as if the sun itself had risen. A single ray erupted in flames within the center of foes advancing on the gates. Enemies were flung into the air as the fireball exploded. Cheers erupted from the city. A Prismologist had arrived. Light had come.

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