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Today I will talk about the Deeplurker which is a common card of the life deck that has a lot of attack, but is it enough to win the battle? We'll find out about that in this post so join me on this journey.

The first thing I want to talk about this card is that it is very useful at any level so even if you play in leagues like bronze or silver where it would only have the Opportunity skill it is still very useful as if you play in the gold league where she would have level for the skill and poison or in the diamond league where she would have the skill Demoralize, but I think I'm being too fast so let's go little by little for you to understand everything I said.

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First if you intend to play with her in bronze then you can use Deeplurker up to level 3 which is the maximum level allowed in this league and you can believe that having 3 attack in this league is a lot and in addition the Opportunity skill that makes it attacks the card with less health so it is an amazing card to use, be sure to have it in battle when using the water deck.

If you are in the silver league then the maximum allowed level of Deeplurker is 5 and at this level it is already more interesting since its attack becomes 4 and in this league few cards have this attack even more having only 6 mana cost, besides I tend to believe that in bronze and silver the most important thing is the attack since the cards don't have many skills in these leagues, so Deeplurker is perfect for them don't you think?

In the gold league he goes up to level 8 and at that level there are few status changes but the most important thing is that he already has the Poison skill (at level 6 he already has it) and this skill makes the Deeplurker have 50% of chance to apply this effect when attacking and if it is applied then the card hit will take 2 damage at the end of turn, so even if its attack has not increased it will still deal more damage with this skill which makes it more awesome and useful .

And in the diamond league where the maximum level would be 10 which is also the maximum level of a common card, it will have 5 attack and the demoralize skill that makes enemy melee cards lose 1 attack, so in addition to having a scary attack and the chance to do +2 damage with the Poison skill it will also decrease enemy attack, do you still have doubts about how amazing it is?

But now let's show him in battle and then I'll show you why I used these cards in battle.

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This battle had 2 types of rules, the first is Up Close and Personal and it only allows melee cards on the battlefield, with that I have 2 things to highlight, the first is that my opponent's summoner choice was not good because the Obsidian gives magic attack so it becomes useless in this battle, if he had used the Wizard of Eastwood which is a summoner that takes 2 shield from enemies he would have a much better chance of winning and maybe even winning, meanwhile my choice of summoner that was Kelya Frendul was very useful since giving 1 shield which hinders the enemy cards from defeating mine and also giving +1 speed which is another very important factor in the battle.

The second rule is Spreading Fury which gives the Enrage ability to all cards on the field and it causes the stats of melee cards to be increased by 1.5 when the card takes damage, and since all cards are melee type then it is a very useful skill in battle.

The battle was very long and lasted 7 rounds but in the end I got the victory but it was close as I only had 2 cards left, even so I still had a trump that was the Spineback Turtle in the last position but I will comment on that soon . But if my opponent had chosen the cards more strategically then the game might have turned to him.

Now let's talk about the cards I used in battle and why I used them.

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As I mentioned before, I chose Kelya Frendul as a summoner because her usefulness in this battle was very great, since having a shield in battles with the Up Close and Personal rule is essential for victory, in addition, speed is very important because it makes your cards attack first so they can defeat enemy cards before they attack.

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The Serpent of Eld is a good option too because he has the Dodge skill this skill makes him have a +25% chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks so you combine that with his high speed and make him dodge many attacks in this battle.

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The Flying Squid has a good attack and also a good amount of health and as some cards behind it don't have much health it ends up becoming a good defense so they don't have to fight in the first position so soon.

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I put Pelacor Bandit in the third position because he has a lot of speed and the Fly skill so he can dodge some attacks if he has to fight in the front line, in addition he will attack the enemy card in the last position since he has the skill sneak and this is important because it makes him attack from any position. A small detail is that melee cards only attack in first position and the exceptions are cards with Sneak and Opportunity abilities that make them attack from any position or reach in second position.

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The Deeplurker is the card with the highest damage in this battle so it is essential for victory, in addition thanks to its Opportunity ability it will always attack the card with the lowest health and as it has good speed the card it attacks will probably not have it. chance to attack because it must be defeated by him, in addition he also has a good amount of health so it will be very useful in defense if he is in the first position in the battle.

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And in the fifth position we have the Feasting Seaweed that has the ability Opportunity and a good attack just like the Deeplurker but I put it in that position because of the Scavenger ability that grants +1 life for each card defeated on the field so when it's his turn in the first position he will have a lot of life.

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And finally we have the Spineback Turtle which is my trump card if all the other cards are defeated since it has a lot of shield and the Thorns skill that deals 2 damage to melee cards that attack it, in addition I also put it in the last position just in case had cards with the Sneak ability so they would take damage when they attacked him and he would protect the cards in front from being attacked by them.

The enemy had a lot of defense and attack in addition he benefited a lot from the Enrage skill of the battle but in the end I manage to win so having a good strategy is essential for battles.

That was the battle I wanted to show this week, see you next week.


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