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This week's challenge is about Goblin Psychic which is an amazing earth deck card but what makes it amazing and earning this prominence? I will show you in this post so read to the end.

As many know with the arrival of chaos legion in Splinterlands, many things have changed on the battlefield and one of them was the change of the magic deck that was previously more common in the water deck and is now in the land deck and the Goblin Psychic is not back on that because he's a magic card. Spell cards are very popular and used by Splinterlands players so wherever it goes it will stand out in the game, but what makes Psychic Goblin a good choice is not just the fact that it is a spell card but also because of of your skills that I will talk about below.

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Before we talk about its abilities let's try to understand what kind of card the Goblin Psychic is. As shown in the image and I mentioned it before it is a magic card and belongs to the earth deck besides it is a common card from the chaos legion edition but that everyone already knows, what I want to show is its attack, speed and life which as you can see are quite weak. Let's start with the attack which is 2 so if you use the Obsidian summoner that giving +1 magic attack becomes 3 and that is relatively high which is a good thing but its speed is only 1 so the most sensible question to ask is to do is: will he be able to do something in the battle since he will be one of the last cards to attack in it? and the other thing that draws attention is his life which is pretty low too. With that we realize that he is indeed a good card because of his attack and abilities but will he survive long enough to show it in battle? so having a good strategy on how to use him and especially adding a defense as a shield is very important for him to show his full potential.

Now let's talk about your skills.

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Its first and probably most important skill is Tank Heal and as you can see above it heals the card in the first position based on its maximum health. For those of you who don't use healing cards and healing cards like Goblin Psychic you know how these cards can be quite annoying on the battlefield because you think you're finally going to defeat that card and it gets healed and survives for another round and this little one in fact can change the entire course of a battle and lead you to lose it, so it's a very useful skill and I would even say necessary in battles so you can win with them more easily.

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Its second skill is Affliction and it is not a very popular skill but it is very useful against cards that heal or receive healing because this skill causes the card hit with it to lose the ability to heal and as I mentioned before healing is an extremely strong ability that can change the course of a battle so cutting this healing is also something that can greatly influence it.

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Your third skill will be useful to your entire team because it's Silence and it reduces the attack of magic cards by 1, but how can that be useful to your entire team?. As magic cards are often very problematic because they directly attack the health of the card and cannot miss the attack so having their attack reduced will help your team take less damage and survive longer on the battlefield and this is something very important in a battle.

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Its fourth skill is Dispel and like Affliction it is not very popular because its usefulness is to take away all the positive effects of the card that the Goblin Psychic attacks and you may be wondering that this is fantastic and why is it not used so much? . This card depends a lot on the card it hits and it's a somewhat recent skill so it hasn't gained much visibility yet and it's also not the type of skill that players prioritize, but in certain battles it can be very useful.

Now that I've talked about what I think of Goblin Psychic and its abilities so let's get to the battle.

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As Goblin Psychic is a magic card so using Summoner Obsidian is a good choice but it wasn't the only reason because I also have other magic cards on the field which makes it even more useful in battle.

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I put Grund in the first position because he is an extremely strong card in the attack since he has the Double Strike ability that makes him attack 2x in the round, in addition he has 11 life which is quite a lot so he will survive many attacks and have the Psychic Goblin to heal him later.

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Stoneplitter Orc went to the second position but I admit I was wrong choosing him because I chose it because of the Retaliate ability and it makes him have a chance to attack a melee card back when that card attacks him, but on the enemy team only there is 1 melee card and it was defeated before it even showed its potential, but it is a card with a lot of attack so it will be useful to deal damage.

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In third position I put Regal Peryton which is one of the cards that will benefit from Summoner Obsidian and he has a lot of speed which is very useful to attack first and do as much damage as possible as soon as possible, in addition he has the Fly skill that will be a great protection for him not to be defeated easily.

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In fourth position we have the Magi of the Forest and he doesn't have any skills and he also has low speed but this is compensated for by his high magic attack that will be very useful in battle.

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Next we have the Psychic Goblin and as I mentioned before about its usefulness in battle it will be very useful healing Grund and also causing a lot of damage since its attack is not low.

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And finally we have the Mitica Headhunter that will be the card with the highest damage on my team and she has the Snare skill that makes her take the Fly skill when she attacks a card that has it, usually it's not a very used skill but in this one battle she used against one of the enemy cards.

Now that I've talked about Goblin Psychic and also the cards I used and why I used them so let's see them in battle.


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In this battle my opponent also used the earth deck and the summoner Obsidian, in addition he has more magic cards than I do so his Obsidian has a more important role, but one of the things that draws more attention and that will play a role very important in battle is the speed of his cards, as you can see most of them have low speed and this affects a battle a lot because many of them may not even have a chance to attack in that battle.

Also this battle has the Close Range rule that allows ranged cards to attack in first position and that will be a good thing if Mitica Headhunter gets there. But now play and join me in this battle and don't blink because it won't last long as my team has overwhelming strength.

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After the first round I managed to defeat 2 of his main defenses which was the Unicorn Mustang that had the Void ability that reduces the magic damage received so defeating him is already a great achievement for my magic cards and also Mycelic Slipspawn that has the ability Taunt then received the majority of attacks this round. And on my side of the battlefield I haven't lost any cards even though my Grund is low on health.

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And then in the second round I was defeating the enemy cards one after the other and quickly since I had a lot of attack and they had little life so in the second round the battle was over and I ended up losing Grund but he was one incredible card in defense and his defeat was not in vain.

As you can see, even both using the same deck and the same summoner, the difference between them was very absurd so knowing how to choose which card to use for each type of battle is very important so always have a good strategy for your battles, in addition to the Goblin Psychic had a great importance not only dealing damage but healing Grund and that's what made him survive the battle longer, so Tank Heal cards are very useful and don't forget that.

Now I would like to end this post by showing the history of the Goblin Psychic because I found it interesting that they went to a place to learn their powers there, in addition to using them to do jobs in the city and also become adventurers or even summoners (who knows in the future?) but I think this has already been a spoiler so follow his story below.

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The Magi Tower is where Goblins go to learn how to use psychic abilities. It isn't just a gift Goblins can learn, but due to the proximity of Gobson, Goblins tend to show up more frequently. The Magi who calls the tower home, enjoys teaching the art of using one's mind to move objects and read thoughts. Goblin Psychics use their abilities to perform work in Gobson or become adventurers and practice to become a full fledged Summoner.
Shami concentrated his mind on moving the paintbrush. It sat on an easel in front of a large canvas, paints of various colors lay before it. The paintbrush sat still.

“You need to focus. Just breath. Relax. Picture the brush as if it were in your hand. Then imagine yourself painting the canvas.”

The Magi's voice flooded Shami's mind, though he was used to the noise. Growing up in Gobson, the noise of cogs and gears was constant in the laboratories and buildings within the city. He imagined himself lifting the brush with his left hand, raising it to the canvas, and painting the picture he had studied for hours. The Magi's Forest.

He thought of a great forest of vivid greens and plants. Deer and rabbits running throughout the bushes. A massive stone tower rising into the clouds. He saw it clearly in his mind's eye and he drew it.

The brush lifted as if held by a master artist and danced across the canvas.

“Open your eyes.” The voice of the Magi came again.

Shami blinked his eyes open and after the blur faded, he stared at his creation. On the canvas was a stone tower rising for miles out of a great green ocean of trees. The Magi revealed a similar canvas and held them together. A plaque beneath the painting read, The Magi's Forest. Both were nearly identical.


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