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Today I will talk about a low cost mana card from the fire deck that may seem weak but will help you a lot in your battles, this card is called Goblin Shaman and follow me in this post to know more about it and its incredible usefulness in battles .

As I mentioned before it belongs to the fire deck and is a common alpha/beta edition card, so if you want to look for it you know where to find it. But what makes this card useful?, its first positive point is the fact that it only costs 3 mana so it's a card that can accompany you in practically every battle, since what makes it useful will be its abilities and it's about them I will tell.


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You can have a broader view of the card in the image above and as you can see it is a card with magic attack and although its attack is weak it is already a good thing because its main utility is in its abilities.

It has 2 abilities and both are very useful in battles so let's start with the Weaken ability.

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The Weaken ability makes all enemy cards have their health reduced by 1 and this will be very useful in battles because the less health the enemy cards have then the easier it will be to defeat them and when you defeat an enemy card it will give a big advantage over the battle.

Weaken is quite useful in battles, but now let's talk about its other ability which is Slow.

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The Slow ability causes all enemy cards to have their speed reduced by 1 while the Goblin Shaman is on the field and this will be very useful for your cards to attack first and attacking first is a great advantage because it gives you the ability chance to defeat the enemy card before it attacks.

Both are very useful abilities in battles and the fact that the Goblin Shaman has only 3 mana cost makes it even better and it still has attack even if it's little it still makes a difference in battle, so it's an excellent choice for your battles. But I will also show it in battle so you can see its practical use.

  • Let's start with the chosen cards.

To be the summoner of the battle I chose the Malric Inferno which costs 3 mana and grants +1 melee attack so it is a very powerful and useful summoner in the fire deck.

The Cerberus card I chose in the first position and it is quite useful as it has a good attack and the ability to heal with the Heal ability.

Tenyii Striker is also a very useful card that has a lot of attack and the Sneak ability that makes it attack the enemy card in the last position and also the Dodge ability that increases its chances of dodging melee and ranged attacks which makes it even more useful.

Kobold Miner is a low mana cost melee card that has the Sneak ability so it will help Tenyii Striker in battle.

The Goblin Shaman will be useful to decrease the health and speed of enemy cards and will also deal damage.

Lava Spider is a ranged card that has the Snipe ability that makes it attack spell and ranged cards first.

Fire Beetle is also a ranged card with the Snipe ability so it will help Lava Spider deal damage to enemy magic and ranged cards.

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In battle my opponent has a higher level summoner and cards too so they are stronger than mine, but he only has 4 cards on the field and I have 6 and that makes a lot of difference. In addition, he also made a mistake that was to put a ranged card in second position and this affected the battle a lot for him, but he has another advantage that is the fact that his cards have a lot of speed and also have a card that increases their speed with the Swiftness ability, but that's when the Goblin Shaman comes into action and slows them down with the Slow ability and we can't forget about the Weaken ability that reduces the life of enemy cards and that's quite useful.

In battle there is the Stampede rule that makes all cards with Trampled ability, The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed, but in this battle it will not be useful and there is also the Melee Mayhem rule that does all the melee cards attack from any position but it will also be useless.

Even having the speed reduced by the Goblin Shaman's Slow ability, my opponent's cards dodged a lot of attacks and still managed to defeat my Cerberus, but I had the advantage of having more cards and with a lot of attack so my enemy's cards suffered a lot with that and it didn't take long to be defeated.

Another thing to mention is that my opponent had the summoner Zintar Mortalis that lowered the melee attack of my cards so basically he and Malric Inferno cancel each other out, but after a lot of exchange of attacks the outcome of the battle was defined and I managed to win and the Goblin Shaman was of great help in the battle and it only cost me 3 mana so it's an amazing card that I always try to use when playing with the fire deck.

I hope I managed to show the usefulness of the Goblin Shaman in this post and it's also my post for this week's SHARE YOUR BATTLE challenge, see you next time.


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