Splinterlands Furious Chicken Speedpaint



What's up Splinterlanders!

I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring for the Splinterlands Art Contest by drawing my favorite monster, the amazing Furious Chicken.

This is a chicken that means business. She's ticked off and ready for a fight.

In the game, I love how useful this card is while it seems so unassuming.

Let's dive into the art! I hope you enjoy it!


This is a Digital art piece.

For the drawing/speed paint video, I used:

  • iPad Pro, 12.9 inch, 2nd generation
  • Apple Pencil
  • Procreate

I created the final thumbnail video/gif in Canva.


  1. I roughed out a sketch of using the Furious Chicken Lore page on splinterlands.com for reference using the Procreate Pencil to sketch on it's own layer.
  2. I inked my rough sketch using the technical inking pen in Procreate in a new layer
  3. I laid down a blue background and filled in some base color on the chicken after duplicating my inked layer.
  4. I added shadows and highlights using an air brush and layer blend settings.
  5. I created the background to draw the attention in toward the awesome Furious Chicken.

To create the Gif, I exported the timelapse video of the drawing to video and sent that, the final drawing PNG, and a PNG without the background to my computer.

I uploaded the files to canva created my thumbnail, followed by the video, followed by a few sections of the final image.

Speedpaint Video

This video shows the process for how the final result came to be. Enjoy!

Final Result


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That's actually amazing. I didn't realise how original your piece is. I'm quite jealous of your abilities. I might try to do something similar but much more primitive inspired by your method.