Splinterlands Townhall Update Notes - February 27th, 2023

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As an avid Splinterlands player, I recently took notes on the latest Splinterlands Townhall that occurred on February 27th, 2023 and have decided to share them with the community. This event brought a host of updates that players can look forward to in the coming days and months.

In case you missed it, here's a replay of the Town Hall:

Below is a summary of the major updates discussed during the event:

Updates Coming Out Tomorrow

During the Splinterlands Townhall on February 27th, 2023, a number of updates were discussed that players can look forward to in the near future. These include:

  • Season rentals are being implemented, with a minimum duration of 7 days. If the season is close to ending, rentals will default to the next week.
  • Changes to ranked leagues, including resetting, removing reductions in league for not playing, and reworking the Novice league so that players won't drop back down to Novice once they leave.
  • Adjustments to manacaps for different leagues.
  • Ongoing tech modernization, with the open packs screen moving over to tech modernization. About 30-35% of the work has been completed.
  • Retirement of the bridge to Steem.
  • Fixing the display of the battle button at the end of the season.
  • Adding API endpoints for markets, including active items.
  • Cleanup on free-to-play accounts, with no more broadcasts to Hive.
  • The availability of the Lily Shieldpaw Airdrop, with the next RW airdrop triggering soon.

Overall, these updates suggest a continued focus on improving the Splinterlands experience for players, with changes to rentals, leagues, and tech modernization that should help make the game more accessible and enjoyable.


PJ, one of the speakers at the Splinterlands Townhall on February 27th, 2023, discussed the team's ongoing efforts to improve the game. This includes incorporating player feedback into the development process, as well as working on a single website that can handle both desktop and mobile platforms. The team is already 35% of the way through this process, with a focus on mobile-first development. While there is no definite timeline for completion, it is possible that the new website could be completed in 2023.



Rebellion is the next edition of Splinterlands, and the team is currently testing new features for it. One of the features being tested is the addition of multicolored summoners.

Reward/Energy Changes

The team is working on changes to replace ECR, which will prevent players from playing when they run out of energy. Players will be able to pay to keep playing and earning rewards. Energy won't impact rewards, and the cost to get more energy will be higher in higher leagues. The team hopes these changes will remove the incentive to move cards around or burn down ECR.


The first playable phase of Land is expected to roll out within the next four months, and players will be able to put cards on it to start earning rewards. The team is currently working on a post/whitepaper to explain the details of this feature. Players will be able to stake DEC on land and mine stuff from the pool. Titles associated with land, the ability to use Totems and totem fragments, and staking per worker card on the plot are also being added. Summoners vs. monsters will work just like monsters, and gladiator or soulbound cards may be able to be used but likely won't be the best way to go right now because of level. Rental stuff is not expected for this phase land, and there will be a cooldown time to take cards out of land.


The team is adding new features to guilds, similar to the concept of land. They are considering staking runi, unopened packs, etc., and making guilds more like DAOs. The team is leaning this way instead of the full alliance update.

Overall, Matt's updates suggest a lot of exciting changes coming to Splinterlands, including the introduction of Rebellion and new features for land and guilds. These changes should help make the game more engaging and enjoyable for players, with new mechanics and ways to earn rewards.


The Splinterlands team is focused on onboarding new players and is currently running tests to help determine the most effective ways to do so. They have a GLX presale coming up and will also be offering GLX Node airdrops to those holding SPS nodes.


New Tournaments are coming up on Thursday, and there is a Gladiator tournament tonight.

Nate Creative Update

Nate shared updates from the creative team on the new Energy Bar, Land UI, Upcoming Land Starter Pack Items, and Dual-Color Summoners.

Energy Bar


Land UI


Land Starter Pack Items


Dual-Color Summoners



While many questions were asked and answered during the townhall, I have no detailed notes available on those, please check the recording to see what was covered.

Wrap Up

The Splinterlands Townhall on February 27th, 2023 revealed a plethora of updates for players to look forward to in the coming days and months, from season rentals to changes in ranked leagues, to the introduction of Rebellion and land. The team's focus on improvement, modernization, and making the game more accessible to new players bodes well for the future of Splinterlands. With so much to anticipate, players can expect to see the game evolve in exciting ways over the coming months.

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Thanks IVIax! These summaries are great for everyone that can't catch the live show!


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all the time they say that they are concentrating on the game and not on the economy. and then they just say economic things. where we can make staking and where we can spend new money etc etc.


I'm not sure if that's what I'd take away from this.

They talked about a number of changes that should have good effect on new player experience in terms of giving people a better route to learn the game etc...

They talked about introducing a new mechanic which should be fun (dual color summoners)

I mean, sure... they talked about economy elements as well - but this is a Crypto game... the economy is part of the game... I wouldn't expect there to be updates where they don't touch on it at all.

Thanks for stopping by and participating :)



two-color summoner= new way to spend money! whether it really makes more fun to play? especially this is nothing really new, it's the light variant of the dragon ;) a new element, that would be something new;)
where have they really invested work to improve the feel of the game? in the rating adjustments, changing 5 numbers in one file?
endresult 99% was only worked on economy. this is kind of the opposite of ``we have focused on the economy for the last years, now comes the game!''


Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I totally get where you're coming from - the focus on the economy might not be everyone's cup of tea. However, I do believe that the economy is an essential part of the Splinterlands experience, and it's what makes it so unique and exciting. It's very likely that any updates from Splinterlands will have some economy component even if the focus/emphasis is on improving gameplay.

That being said, I'm curious to hear if you have any specific improvements you'd like to see in the game that don't involve the economy. I encourage you to share your thoughts with the community and see if others feel the same way. You might even put together a community proposal - if enough people agree then the Splinterlands team has shown that they take notice when the community clearly wants something. Who knows, your ideas could spark some changes in the game that benefit everyone!

Thanks again for your feedback, and I hope you continue to enjoy playing Splinterlands.


i personally think it would be much better for the feel of the game and the bond to your deck if you could specialize in one element. but because of the economy, you force people to have all the elements. if someone has a bit of money for his cards, he can't buy an old rare card for his element, but first has to expand other elements that he might not like at all. and if you mix the elements now. you kind of ruin that even more. i don't know if these summoners are going to be more of a niche or if they're going to be the new standard. but it sounds gruesome to me.