An Aimless Battle.

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Hi, today I'm about to write a post featuring a battle in Aimless ruleset along with two more from analyzing a top battle from bronze league.

The battle that I'm about to analyze was between Lookinggood and Tinniewinnie where Lookinggood won the battle.


With Valnamor as summoner, Lookinggood used six monsters which are: Kelp Initiate, Moxian Rebel, Djinn Oshannus, Venari Wavesmith, Ruler of the Seas, Riverboat Captain.

With Lobb Lowland as summoner, Tinniewinnie used six monsters which are: Unicorn Mustang, Fungus Flinger, Quoara Towershead, Venari Markstrat, Regal Peryton, Mycelic Morphoid.

Battlefield Review - Battle Link.

AimlessAll monsters have the scattershot ability

Ranged and magic attacks hit a random enemy target. Means a ranged or magic attacker won't stick to hitting on the same opponent till it dies, they'll change their target and will attack randomly.

After Moxian Rebel added one magic damage to Kelp Initiate, the summoner of Lookinggood increased one magic damage, one speed and one health to all attackers. And the summoner of Tinniewinnie decreased one speed of all opponent monsters.

Venari Wavesmith of Lookinggood increased two armor for all friendly monsters.

The Battle


Regal Peryton of Tinniewinnie attacked first for having the biggest speed and Ruler of the Seas of the opponent team lost one health. The Djinn Oshannus of Lookinggood damaged three health of the Quora Towershead of the opponent team. As the first monster is bound too attack the other first monster, Kelp Initiate damaged two health of Unicorn Mustang and then Unicorn Mustang damaged the armor of Kelp Initiate.

Ruler of the Seas then attacked Unicorn Mustang where both the unicorn and the Fungus Flinger of the same team lost health for the magic+blast damage. Quora Towershead then attacked and tried to damage two health of Djinn Oshannus but the Djinn reduced this magic damage by 50% using its void ability and then Riverboat Captain attacked Unicorn Mustang where the Unicorn lost two health and Fungus Flinger died getting blast damage and with the martyr ability of this Fungus, it increased all stats of Unicorn Mustang and Quora Towershead by 1.

Then Venari Wavesmith killed Mycelic Morphoid, Moxian Rebel damaged one health of Unicorn Mustang and Venari Markstrat damaged one health of Kelp Initiate.


After missing the target of Regal Peryton on Djinn Oshannus, Djinn Oshannus then killed the opponent Venari Markstrat which give +1 to all stats to Quora Towershead and Regal Peryton and I see Tinniewinnie did a nice trick in there using two monsters with martyr ability in the middle.

The monsters of Tinniewinnie started hitting hard. Quora Towershead damaged four health of Ruler of the Seas and the Unicorn Mustang damaged four health of Kelp Initiate. Then Djinn Oshannus and Riverboat Captain damaged six health of Regal Peryton and and four health of Quora Towershead as an extra using blast ability.

At last Venari Wavesmith killed Regal Peryton and Moxian Rebel damaged on health of Unicorn Mustang.


After Djinn Oshannus damaging two health of Unicorn Mustang, Quora Towershead then attacked and killed Moxian Rebel and the attacker got +1 to all stats using its bloodlast ability. Then Kelp Initiate damaged one health of Unicorn Mustang and then the Unicorn killed the Kelp Initiate. Ruler of the Seas then killed the Unicorn and damaged two health of the Quora Towershead.

Riverboat Captain and Venari Wavesmith then damaged total five health of Quora Towershead which was the last monster of the losing team. Then in a new round, Quora Towershead first healed its health and then damaged full armor with three health.

Now it was the only chance for the monsters of Lookinggood to kill the last opponent monster, if one of them miss their attacks then they'd lost the battle because four of them makes total 12 damages when the opponent monster had total 12 health. If one monster missed their attack, Quora Towershead would heal health and would increase its stats after killing an opponent monster and they'd die for sure. But all four monsters of Lookinggood took their turn successfully and killed the opponent beast and went for victory.

I'll analyze another battle later.

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