Analyzing of a battle in Super Sneak Ruleset.

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Hi, today I'm about to write a post featuring a battle in Super Sneak ruleset along with one more from analyzing a top battle from silver league.

The battle that I'm about to analyze was between OMG-SP1 and Ganjaph where OMG-SP1 won the battle.


With Byzantine Kitty as summoner, OMG-SP1 used six monsters which are: Agor Longtail, Carnage Titan, Coastal Sentry, River Hellondale, Demented Shark, The Vigilator.

And with Grandmaster Rathe as summoner, Ganjaph also used six monsters which are: Uriel the Purifier, Corsair Bosun, Runemancer Atuat, Adelade Brightwing, Silvershield Sheriff, Iziar.

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Super SneakNoxious Fumes
All melee attack monsters have the sneak abilityAll monsters start the battle poisoned.

Melee monsters may attack from any position and will target the last monster of the enemy team instead of the first monster for the super sneak ruleset and I see OMG-SP1 used the most of this ruleset by using most melee monsters and on the contrary, Ganjaph clearly didn't follow this ruleset a I don't see any melee monsters there after the second position.

Noxious Fumes poisons all monsters at the start of the battle which will decrease some health portions of every monster at the beginning of each round.

The summoner of OMG-SP1 provided all friendly monsters with two additional speed and true strike ability and this summoner will heal the monster in the first position on their team each round using tank heal ability. And there the summoner of Ganjaph provided all monsters on their team with one additional armor, void armor and amplify abilities.

River Hellondale of OMG-SP1 increased the melee damage of all their friendly monsters by 1 for having inspire ability and then Demented Shark did the same using the same ability and the OMG-SP1 team became most stronger for this.

The Battle


The Vigilator of OMG-SP1 attacked first for having the biggest speed and that attack damaged the armor of Iziar of the other team and Uriel the Purifier of the other team got charged at this round as it'll do a 3x damage in the next round if it stays alive till then for its recharge ability.

The interesting thing happened with the first turn where The Vigilator had two types of attacks, one is ranged (1x damage) and another one is melee (5x damage) where this monster had doubles trike ability which doubled the whole damages which means this monster attacked with 2 ranged and 10 melee damages.

Iziar already lost total eleven health to one opponent monster and then Coastal Sentry took charge and killed this monster for good using six melee damage where half were wasted.


The dead monster came alive when Adelade Brightwing used its resurrect ability and it came alive with one armor and one health but it was in very bad luck cause it couldn't stay for long as Coastal Sentry still had one turn left for its double strike ability which damaged the armor and then Carnage Titan took charge this time with its double strike ability where it killed killed the monster for the second time with the first turn and then damaged the armor of Silvershield Sheriff with the second turn.

Agor Longtail took charge in the meantime and destroyed the whole armor of Uriel the Purifier. Then Demented Shark damaged four health of Silvershield Sheriff of Ganjaph and after River Hellondale of OMG-SP1 damaged two health of the opponent Uriel the Purifier, now the opponent team started attacking after all these happened and the first attack from them became a missed.

Corsair Bosun and Runemancer Atuat damaged the armor and Adelade Brightwing damaged two health of Agor Longtail and Uriel the Purifier increased some of its health using heal ability.


Every single monsters lost two health each in the new round to the poisonous effect of Noxious Fumes ruleset and then the summoner of OMG-SP1 increased the lost health of Agor Longtail.

The first ranged+melee of the Vigilator killed the opponent's Silvershield Sheriff and the second ranged+mleee killed the opponent's Adelade Brightwing. Then Coastal Entry of OMG-SP1 damaged only two health of the opponent's Runemancer Atuat using total twelve melee damage as the opponent monster had forcefield ability that makes it take only one damage from monsters with 5 or 5+ damage.

Agor Longtail damaged the armor and five health of Uriel the Purifier. Then Carnage Titan damaged two more/last armor of the opponent's Runemancer Atuat in the same way. Demented Shark the damaged six health of the same opponent monster and River Hellondale didn't get sneak ability for not being a melee monster and damaged two health of Uriel the Purifier.


Uriel the Purifier did some healing first using heal ability and then did a 3x damage on Agor Longtail and damaged nine health with this single attack. Corsair Bosun missed its 5 magic damage as Agor Longtail had flying ability otherwise it'd die for sure. Then Runemancer Atuat damaged two health of this Agor Longtail.

Then there was a new round where OMG-SP1 lost two monster and one of them had resurrect ability but it couldn't use that ability as it died as well. Then the Vigilator killed Runemancer Atuat, damaged the whole armor of Corsair Bosun. Coastal Sentry then killed the last two monsters of Ganjaph.

Coastal Sentry of OMG-SP1 did the last attack and went for victory.

I'll analyze another battle later.

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