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Hi, today I'm about to write a post featuring a battle in What Doesn't Kill You ruleset along with one more from analyzing a top battle from silver league in wild tournament.

The battle that I'm about to analyze was between Cors1 and Iamnothing where Cors1 won the battle.

A little info about the battle:


With Kelya Frendul as summoner, Cors1 used six monsters which are: Noa the Just, Tide Biter, Chaos Agent, Merdaali Guardian, Uraeus, Pelacor Bandit.

And with the same Kelya Frendul as summoner, Iamnothing used four monsters which are: Noa the Just, Tide Biter, Merdaali Guardian, Axemaster.

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Odd Ones OutWhat Doesn't Kill You
Only monsters with odd mana costs maybe used in battlesAll monsters have the enrage ability

Monsters with odd mana costs, I mean minus mana cost (eg. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) were only allowed for this battle for odd ones out ruleset and what doesn't kill you ruleset gives enrage ability to all monsters and monsters with enrage ability has 50% bonus melee attack and speed when it don't have the full health I mean after it loses some health and this works best with melee monsters for the extra melee damage.

As both team chose the same summoner, both summoner provided one extra armor and one extra speed to all monsters of own team. Noa the Just from both team reduced the armor of all opponent monsters by 2 using rust ability.

The Battle


Axemaster of Iamnothing attacked twice first for having the greater speed (actually Noa the Just had the greater speed but they were non-attackers) and those attacks damaged the whole armor of Noa the Just of Cors1. Then Tide Bites from both team attacked the opponent Noa the Just but both attacks were missed.

Then Pelacor Bandit and Uraeus of Cors1 attacked and damaged total four health of the opponent Axemaster and this opponent monster now had increased speed for enrage ability. Then Axemaster attacked twice again in a new round and killed Nora the Just of Cors1.


After Nora the Just died, all opponent monsters got their lost armor back then Tide Biter of Cors1 lost two health to the opponent Tide Biter and as it didn't have full health now so it got increased melee damage and speed. Then Tide Biter of Cors1 attacked opponent Nora the Just but the opponent monster evaded the damage using dodge ability.

Then Pelacor Bandit first removed the armor of Axemaster and then Uraeus killed the double attacker Axemaster. Merdaali Guardian of Cors1 increased two health of their Tide Biter using tank heal ability and then this Tide Biter damaged two armor of opponent Nora the Just after losing the extra melee damage and speed for getting back to full health.


Pelacor Bandit damaged armor and Uraeus damaged two health of the opponent Merdaali Guardian and they were damaging the last monster of the opponent team instead of the first one using sneak ability. Tide Biter of Iamnothing damaged two health of the opponent Tide Biter again and Tide Biter of Cors1 now damaged three armor of opponent Nora the Just after getting increased melee damage and speed for enrage.

Then Pelacor Bandit and Uraeus killed their next target, Merdaali Guardian of Iamnothing. Tide Biter of Cors1 got increased health from Merdaali Guardian again and got increased melee and speed as well for enrage and the other Tide Biter also got increased Melee and Speed for enrage after lost two health. Then after Tide Biter of Cors1 damaged the last armor of opponent Nora the Just, Uraeus attacked and killed the opponent Tide Biter and now Iamnothing had only Nora the Just who was a non-attacker.

Monsters of Cors1 now kept attacking the opponent monster but it kept evading the melee damages for next nine round and lost two health at the tenth and it died at the thirteenth round.

So, yeah Pelacor Bandit of Cors1 did the last attack and went for victory and the strategy of both team went great where Iamnothing started the battle in a good form but they lost after losing Axemaster.

I'll analyze another battle later.

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