43 Unique Cards in the upcoming Riftwatchers mini edition. Nate the Revealer reveals



That number was eluded to by Nate in today's Town Hall.

"The number of unique Riftwatcher cards will be, and this includes airdrops...is a whopping 43."

That's an amazing reveal. Twice as many cards as the Dice release.

Nate adds;

big implications for the Splinterlands economy.

Riftwatchers will sell for $5 per pack. 3 Million packs will be available for sale.

Riftwatchers will only be able to be purchased using SPS tokens - all of which will go directly to the SPS foundation treasury. Source

So, potentially, 15 million new cards to enter Splinterlands.

SPS has taken a hit over recent months. As the airdrop ends, SPS gets issued as a chest reward, Riftwatchers requiring SPS, and soaking up SPS in the process, it really indicates the versatility & utility of SPS.

Splinterlands having DEC & SPS, a robust card market in rental & sales, and strong demand for its other token products, such as Alpha, Beta, Plot etc, and the utility of Land and Guilds, provides an environment of depth and challenge.

Plus the addition of the Known, such as further development of vouchers, and the Unknown, such as mixing chemicals randomly to see what happens, kind of mysterious/disasterous/cathulu/wormhole outcomes.

The ramping up of marketing strategies with platforms such as SplinterlandsTV on Twitch, utilising Discord, mainstream social media, collaboration with mainstream brands and participant involvement, bodes very well.

I see it very much as following the Dota2 & LOL computer gaming path, but with crypto.

Nate was given the gr3en light by @aggroed and did not disappoint.

More to mull on.

Riftwatchers is scheduled to be released around September.