Before you Burn or Sell cards. Land might make some cards more valuable soon.



I was reading about, LAND, and just wondering which cards would most likely be involved in helping to generate resources.

Most buildings will also require some existing Monster and Summoner cards to "work" in them in order to function, so you may want to hold off on burning your hordes of Rusty Androids! Additionally, Monsters and Summoners from certain Splinters will be better suited to working on specific types of buildings and land plots. For example, Fire Splinter Monsters and Summoners will perform better on a Mountainous land plot than on a Lake. source

It got me thinking as to which cards, especially, the ones that I don't play, and if they would be beneficial to work on the land and in buildings.

Venari's seem to be a Monster that seem adept at "science" and "technology"

SO, maybe, hold onto these MONSTERS, just in case demand picks up when the Wild West opens up for plot developers.



The Venari Heatsmith seems ideal for working on the LAND.

It has not taken long for the venari to spread themselves throughout the Splinters, becoming involved in politics and power struggles. They have best fit in wherever their tech is found most useful, and wherever they can be paid handsomely for their assistance.


Many other Venari would be able to focus, and hone, their skills to produce items for battle.

The friends of the Venari, the goblins of Gobson, are also quite handy in the Splinterlands world.


The Goblin technology can be hit and miss. However, they can combine gears and wheels to make effective siege machinery, magic, and barely digestible stew.


The Magi Tower is where Goblins go to learn how to use psychic abilities. It isn't just a gift Goblins can learn, but due to the proximity of Gobson, Goblins tend to show up more frequently.

The Scavo are handy laboratory chemists.

The most astute of them became chemists and learned how to create cures and bottle the gas to either help their allies or weaken their opponents.


I can picture the Armorsmiths of Khymeria working at new fandagled armour.
Combine protective elements with magic - who knows what can be forged?


Much to the dismay of the Order of the Silver Shield, their hammers are used more for repair than destruction.

There are many Monsters who could be deployed in buildings to create many kinds of items to help your friends and to hinder your enemies.

I can also see many beasts of burden, dinosaurs, winged creatures and elementals that could be used on the land.

Even, the Mighty Chicken, could be used to create an egg launcher of RPG effect!


How do you see lands working?
How will TOTEMS come into play?
Will GUILDs be affected?
How will the secondary economy create new wealth?