Season Rewards + Pack openning + New Season goals

Hi everyone, this last season I finished with a rating of 1618, silver 3, because of the amount of final power, as many cards had their loans canceled, due to the high price at the end of the season, and the fact that I rented my cards to be able to get as much dec as possible to use in this new season, guaranteeing only the amount of power essential to guarantee silver, both for better rewards with silver chests, and to get a better rating on reset.

In total I received 26 silver chests as a reward, you can see below the chests and what I managed to open:

end season 26 chests 1618 rating.png

pack Chaos.png

I got reasonable rewards, including a chaos pack, I was in doubt whether to open it or not, because the last time when the pack was high, I opened it and lost 70% of the pack's value, with cheap cards, this time its price was already lower and I decided to take a chance, luckily, I got great cards, rare, epic and legendary with good costs, I wanted a summoner, because I have almost none, but very happy with all the rewards.

prize open and pack open total.png

This season I'm going to try to do it differently from last season, where I spent most of my time in Bronze, without going to silver, because I thought the cost benefit was better, but the amount of dec used to stay at the top of the bronze ranking to win extra decs is very high, due to the use of cards like Kron, Llama and Yodin, as well as other high cost cards at levels 3 and 2, as well as expensive neutral monsters like Cornelus.

When doing a study using peak and observing the silver top battles, I realized that the amount of players who used summoners and monsters in the maximum limits of the link was very low, even having duels with rare summoner level 1, so I looked for cheap alternatives on peakd, mainly using the bid offer tool for rent and the prices found were very good, reaching up to 90% savings, so I decided to start with everything and risk the top of the silver link.

I'll try to choose 3 types of deck and be able to maximize most of their summoner and the main and most useful creatures and cards, especially those that have uses for specific rules, such as Brighton Bloom, which has a low cost compared to other summoners, and it works very well for the Earthquake rule, in addition to being very good for the rule of just meeles, another factor is its versatility, as it can be used with monsters of the type of my choice, being a great summoner for this low cost .

Another strategy I will try to use is to focus a lot on neutral monsters, to have an absurd amount of possibilities, and try to get monsters of only 2 or 3 specific types that have a good cost and high ability to win games, always using Peakd to see its costs and analyze if the cost benefit of a common monster X is better for it lv 4 or 5, for example.

Then I'll post about the strategy used, if the rewards were more worth it than the bronze ones, comparing dec spent per day and reward in proportion to be fair, in addition to difficulty and other factors, comment here your doubt about this attempt to move up and what strategies do you want to see or that you use.


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Happy season rewards
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