Odd timing but loving Splinterlands

Hey all,

So I started 11 days ago from advice of a buddy I looked at it and jumped right in. He said about getting rentals and playing up to a level he said try and get to gold before season ends so you get 22 chests. Obviously that logic was flawed because that got changed where you end is what your chests are based off but again a learning expeience I still rented and got silver II. No packs were available for sale so had to deal with that as well super excited to see about the new CL packs and just keeping on learning. Enjoying watching some streams on twitch Siutcase, Godislove777, OhmMyGod, Drabs587 just naming a few. Learning and having fun so glad I found this community and some great people and posts very excited to see about the future. Same IGN james33837 so hopefully I'll keep learning and having fun I'll look for a guild sometime but still a hard core Newbie.