The Luck of The Draw #48 - Double P and Double D

Hello dear Splinterlanders and welcome to the newest episode of The Luck of the Draw. The first day of the season is up and like most, I fought my way back into silver where i redeemed my two quests I gathered up. The first one, which I completed while climbing was the Water quest. It was done within a reasonable timeframe. The second quest I did today was a Fire quest and for some twisted reason I decided, that I would not do that one and rerolled into a Life quest. At first I was stumped and already waved my evening goodbye, but then I rented a Lorna and tried, got lucky, and did it within 10 attempts. So here I am, In Ailver 3 again with two quests done and 60% ECR left. Not too shabby! Let's take a peek at my rewards:
Two of the better pelacors to add to my collection and 32 DEC. I had worse days, so I will consider this an alright start into the season. Let's hope the week continues in an this (or even better?!) fashion tomorrow and keep up keeping up!