The Luck of The Draw #49 - Last Reward before General Sale

Hello dear Splinterlanders and welcome to The Luck of the Draw! I hope your wallets are well filled and ready to be spent in about 90 minutes once the general sale starts and the servers inevitably crash. I am looking forward to it and my daily quest, which today was a Neutral quest, went over super fast. Compared to yesterday the ladder has been a lot easier, I even won three in a row without using my Chicken. Awesome isn't it?!
Anyways, here is the reward I received:
To be perfectly honest, deep down I was hoping for some potions because my grimey hands want to rip open the packs and smell that fresh printer ink in Chinese packaging smell. Which I suppose digital TCG packs don't have... So at least I received one potion to work with and five CP for my collection hoorah!
Thank you very much for reading and keep up keeping up.