The Luck of The Draw #53 - Red vs. Blue Reloaded

Hello dear Splinterlanders and welcome to The Luck of The Draw #53. So here we are, things are starting to cool off regarding Chaos legion and at the current rate the packs might last us well into Spring maybe even Summer. I still haven't opened a single pack and I might not do so until at least the next airdrop. Instead I do my daily quest and today i received a Fire one. I was pretty stunned by me winning some matchups I deemed lost in the beginning but it seems that after 3 months in this game i finally gained some skills. Anyways, I did my daily and received the following rewards:
Alright, another pelacor bandit and a Venari Heatsmith. I recently upgraded both of these cards to level 3 since I got Tarsa and Kayla to level 2 and figured I might as well tap out the potential of these cards while i stick around in silver. So restocking my supply this way is perfectly fine with me. I am happy getting these 10CP and will play a little more today. So, I bid you adieu and keep up keeping up!