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Dear esteemed Hiveans and Splinterians

I just logged in and saw that I have been granted 16 vouchers:

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The games is now on to factor in the price of the vouchers, vs the staked SPS prices, vs the discount given to buyers of 100 packs and more, promo cards, legionnaire status, liquidity pool of DEC etc to gaing more SPS etc etc.
Far to complicated for a brute Vikings such as myself!*

I see a lot very good posts on this important, albeit uncertain topic. Read them for 'alpha'.

I usually have some higher order thinking as a default, otherwise I and you would not have been here.
But the same thinkering made me sell my cards some time ago. Too much thinking is dangerous!
I am glad I bought lots of SPS at 0.25. However, I have used tremendous amount of DEC on buying card, which is not that smart probably. I have now used some of my SPS in the DEC/SPS-liquidity pool on Tribaldex as this give lots of airdrop points and thus SPS.

I will use the coming days to just observe the market. I am in a good position given that I know I will get much more vouchers than most Splinterland players. I will probably buy 2000 cards, but I am unsure if I will open them.

I am in the process of contacting the Splinterland crew to have some more insight into the reward incentives under the current airdrop system. As you probably know, you get lots of points for not opening packs and the unopened packs are also worth a lot. The early Steem Monsters players that actually opened the packs and got the game starting needs to be compensated more, as they contributed with the maximal value (beside the developers) to the game.

So I have 16 vouchers and just going to "sitte stille i båten" as we say in Norwegian.

What is your strategy?

Best regards,