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Hey guys, Sorry if you don´t undertand, my english no is good haha but have a good read

Here I am again, this time I want to talk to you about tournaments.
I started a month ago to risk entering tournaments, I've never gone that far, I always fall in the octaves, because I don't have such a competitive deck "yet", but even without having this dream deck, I've been taking risks, to be able to go learning little by little with victories and mainly understanding the reason for the defeats, and thus learning to be careful in the next battles.

In the last two weeks I didn't participate in championships because I was very busy at work, but yesterday I decided to take a chance on the championship that Queen @clove71 did.
by the way guys, she does it every day, she provides opportunities to learn by playing low entry cost championships (1 dec), and being able to win gifts at the end of the championship or during her live, which is very cool for those who are starting or who already has a time of splinterlands.

championship hosted by my Brother and UFC fan @ty2nicerva , and @drabs587 who is always helping to manage the live.

but come on, without much ado, let's talk about my experience yesterday:

this is the championship


Tournament Title: GoodTrouble Tiwtch Giveaway Live Stream

Which has as information/Rules:

Start: 05/10/2022 starting at 19:00, remembering that you have to check in 15 minutes before.
Total people who entered the championship: 188 confirmed (4 would be the minimum)
Entry fee: 1 DEC
Championship Method Rank: Bronze League
Cards available for use: All will be released for use
Elimination type: single elimination (lost, out)

Rewards : rewards table as you can see below:


Vamos as batalhas baby

#1 Battle

My first match was against @vegeta666 , as he didn't select his cards, I ended up winning by WO, I started the championship with luck hahaha




#2 Battle

We moved on to the second phase, and in the second phase we faced @baburamg , where we had 3 clashes.


  • 1st confrontation
    Rule: Lost Magic " Monsters with magic attack, cannot be used "
    Mana Max that can be used: 22 ded Mana
    Available elements: Water - Earth - Life - Dragon

I put on the field a kind of risky deck, due to the fact that I don't have so many cards attacking the opponent.
But thinking about it, I thought about taking my opponent's speed, and trying to take advantage of that.
I used a summoner that would decrease 1 speed, I also used the creeping ooze, which also gives -1 speed, calculating that my opponent can miss some of his moves because he doesn't have so much speed, and making my cards They had the advantage of being able to attack before him, giving me the advantage.
after thinking about it, I put a comp, thinking about double attacks + their speed, and using low mana and life cards, to draw the attention of possible opportunistic cards that could be used by him.

It ended up happening there guys, my first victory:

Clicking on the image, you go straight to the battle link


  • Second battle between us, the spell turned against the sorcerer, the speed that was my ally in the previous game, turned into my kryptonite, and he won with much merit.
    Game Rule: Reverse Speed ​​+ Only monsters with Melee attack could be used
    Mana Max that can be used: 50 ded Mana
    Available elements: Fire - Water - Dragon

In this second match between us, I thought about being a little more aggressive, but I didn't pay attention to my summoner that I invoked, I ended up selecting the dragon summoner that gives +1 magic, and the correct one would be +1 shield, since that spell cards would not enter the field, so perhaps the result could be different.
On the other hand, my opponent, with great merit, placed cards with low speed, using the game rule in his favor, and as an X element in the battle, he invoked the "Disintegrator", a card whose skill is Demoralize, which decreases the melee attack of the opponent, causing my melee attacks to drop, and since it placed LivingLava de Tank in first position, my attacks had no effect.

My opponent's victory:

Clicking on the image takes you straight to the battle link.

  • Third and final battle
    After this second battle, I started to pay more attention to the rules and cards that I would select for battles, and then I was prepared for the third battle.
    Game rule: Fury (all monsters have the ability to be furious)
    Mana Max that can be used: 13 Mana
    Available elements: Fire - Water - Earth - Death - Dragon

Third game, and I couldn't go wrong anymore.
I chose the Earth element, because the mana of this game was low, I would need low mana cards, and high speed in case I need to escape my opponent's attack, thinking about that I put two 0 mana cards, as a sacrifice in the first two positions, hoping that my opponent would miss his first two attacks, and so he could attack from the defensive lines, since he had selected two magic attack cards.
The differential of this game in my thinking was the QueenMycelia card, since it would put +2 shields on my cards, thus being able to make the opponent spend more than two attacks on the first cards, giving me chances to survive up to three turns attacking with my defensive line cards.

Everything went well, and we managed to come out with the victory, and thus move on to the next phase.

Clicking on the image will take you straight to the battle link.

#3 Battle

We reached the third phase of the championship, and my opponent at the time was @gentlepusa , where we had 2 battles.

  • 1 confrontation
    Rules: Armored Up (all monsters gain +2 shield) + Healed Out (removes from monsters and summoners the Heale effect of life)
    Usable Max Mana: 42 Mana
    Available Elements: Death - Dragon

In this match I started with my dragon summoner, Quix the Davious, with the strategy of taking away the speed and decreasing my opponent's ranged attack, where my thought was he would abuse ranged attacks.
as a tank in the first position, I put my favorite card CursedWindeku, which has "thorns" as a resource, which always when taking damage from a melee attack, it returns -2 life to the opponent, and in the second position I put CarnageTitan, to take advantage of its speed, double attack and high amount of shield, thinking about attacking a lot and taking the maximum life out of your cards, but the real difference in all this, and what counted for the end of the game was "MagiNecrosi", because it has skill Sniper + Camouflage, putting her in the last position I gained shooting in her attacks, which ended up resulting in my victory.

Successful strategy, we came out with the victory.
Clicking on the image will take you straight to the battle link.

  • 2 confrontation
    Game Rule: Holy Protection (all monsters gain the divine shield) + Keep your Distance (Melee attack monsters could not be used)
    Usable Max Mana: 20 Mana
    Available Elements: Fire - Water - Death - Dragon

In this game I chose to use the Water element, I already went with the thought that he could use magic cards, and as I have the Djinn, it could be an advantage, but if he didn't use it, my water summoner would give me a shield resource , which would give me an advantage in cases of ranged attack.
Thinking about it, I put low mana cards as a sacrifice in the first positions, and brought Venari as a joker in the last position, giving me +2 shields, which at the end of the game came in very handy.

OBS: his Yojin scared me a lot, when I saw him in battle, but I was lucky Venari to tank his explosions well.

Successful strategy, we came out with the second victory and moved on to the next stage.

Clicking on the image will take you straight to the battle link.

#4 Battle

I didn't even believe it would make it this far, but here we are, our fourth round, and we're still strong and confident, and in this stage we face @reyju123 , we fought 3 good battles.

  • 1 confrontation
    Game Rule: Close Range (ranged attacks, can be used in first position) + LittleLeague (Cards with 4 or less, can be used in battle).
    Max Mana that can be used: 16 Mana
    Available elements: Water - Earth - Death

I'll start by being very honest, I hate low mana hahaha
In this round, I'll be very honest, I didn't know how to create a strategy, it was more a matter of luck than merit hahahaha
I just thought about decreasing a possible magic attack, so I chose to use the summoner of death, and after that, as usual, I put two cards as a sacrifice in the first positions and one with a lot of life and that could attack in the first position if necessary, since the rule would allow it.
and I was lucky hahaha
Clicking on the image takes you straight to the battle link.


  • Second battle between us, he came with my cryptonite, and the combo I hate the most in the game llama + Kron, you know right? bye and blessing to jaopalas, I lost with no chance of hitting him head on hahaha
    Much credit to my opponent.
    Game rule: Nexious Fumes (all monsters start the battle with potion effects)
    Mana Max that can be used: 40 mana
    Available elements: Water - Earth - Life - Death

In this second match between us, I thought about using the water element, since it's one of the ones I use the most, as my summoner would give me +1 shield and venari +2 shields, I put the Djinn as a tank in the first position , and as a joker, I put River Nymph in my strategy, which has the skill to remove negative effects from cards in first position, that is, my Djinn, would not suffer -2 life with the potion effect that came in the rule of match.
In theory everything was beautiful, until then KABUUUUUUUUM!!! Surprise!!!! llama + Kron, and the dream of winning is gone hahaha

My opponent's victory, with this damn combo hahaha

Clicking on the image, you go straight to the battle link.

  • Third and last battle
    Match rule: Stempede (I still don't understand this rule) + LittleLeague (Cards with 4 or less can be used in battle).
    Max mana that can be used: 14 mana
    Available elements: Fire - Water - Earth - Life

Third game, low mana, rule not favorable to my style of play, it would be very difficult to come out with the victory.
so I thought about making my opponent spend attacks, and with that I used earth element, because wool I would have QueenMycelia as a joker, as usual and you may have already noticed haha
​​I put 0 mana cards in the first two positions, as a sacrifice, forcing the opponent to spend attacks, and would still count on +2 shields, a skill used by Queen, with that, I put SpiritShaman as the main tank in third position, since he could attack from any position, and in case of need to go for first position, he would have HolyProtection, which would make my opponent spend one more attack, making me buy time while attacking.

Successful strategy, we win and so we advance to the next stage.

Clicking on the image will take you straight to the battle link.

#5 Battle

We reached the Semi Finals, finally, after many battles.
I was very happy, until I saw my opponent hahahahahahaha
@monsterstamer was my opponent, I've seen him win many championships, he has so many resources and strategies, that I already thought, it was good while it lasted hahahaha
but come on, let's go to this battle, if not win, at least learn from someone so strong .

  • 1 batalha
    Match rule: Fog of War (Monsters lose Sneak and Sniper skills) + LittleLeague
    Mana Max that can be used: 44 mana
    Available elements: Water - Health - Dragon

Our first battle, knowing that he has a lot of resources, I thought of using a dragon summoner (Quix), to be able to decrease his speed and ranged attacks, thus being able to give a little advantage to me, where I could attack first, and who knows how to come out with the win.
thinking about it, I put a high speed card in the first position to be able to, who knows, gain more attack rounds, and as I wouldn't have sneak and sniper in the battle, my cards in the last positions would have possibilities to attack him, while my first card, run away buying time hahaha

Opponent victory, with great merit and effectiveness:

Clicking on the image, you go straight to the battle link.

  • Second game and last one UNFORTUNATELY hahahah
    Seeing the game rules + my opponent, I imagined he would come with a magic deck, so I tried to make a Troll deck, but KRON never plays, and it just makes me even more angry with this card, maybe if it wasn't for her, the troll deck would work hahaha
    Game Rule: Unptotected (monsters and summoner will not have/give shields to cards) + Keep Your Distance ( monsters with Melee attack cannot be used).
    Mana Max that can be used: 27 mana
    Available elements: Fire - Water - Earth - Death - Dragon

In this second battle, I thought of surprising my opponent, with a deck that we can call Troll.
keeping in mind that it would come with a spell deck, put a summoner that has Reflect as a resource, reflects magic attacks, that is, it would need a card with a high amount of health to return the maximum of magic attacks, and thinking about it I put Chicken in the first position to immediately increase the life of my Tank card, which was the GelatinuosCube, which has a Skill Scanavenger (increases +1 health, for each card that dies in battle), I also used Creeping to slow down the opponent and be able to attack first with my cards.
ALMOST worked, if it wasn't for Kron, damn Kron hahaha

so I ended my journey in the Clove / GoodTrouble / Drabs championship

Opponent victory, with great merit and effectiveness:

Clicking on the image, you go straight to the battle link.

Thus, we ended our Journey in the championship.

#3 placed, receiving 500 DEC


I'm very happy with my performance, I hope you like the post, and that I can help you with some information on strategies, whether on how to do it, or how not to do it, showing possible mistakes I've made.

Thank you for making it this far in the post, thank you very much.

And today we will have another Clove championship, hope to see you there.

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bro don't worry, your English is much better 😊. Congratulations for participating for a game competition 👏. Love your story development and best wishes for your next step ❤❤


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