Unleashing a Chaotic Seven-Point Attack



Chaos Legion is teeming with Legendary Monsters. At 23, it's the highest count of legendaries across all editions. And we're not even done yet, since there are still more to be revealed.

From zero-cost tiny monsters to high-mana behemoths, Chaos Legion has it all. Most of them are steadfastly strong and may single-handedly win battles. Most have game-changing skill combos that elevate your team or scorch your enemies. But, amusingly ... all are a lot cheaper to own or rent.


Chaos Legion legendaries are trading for around $10 for level 1 cards. Rent isn't pricey either, with a usual rate of three or more DEC. Compare that to legendaries in the last editions. Dice and Untamed Level 1 cards can sell for as high as $100, and rentals at around 20 DEC.


As much as I want the big bosses of the older editions, I can't really afford them. Chaos monsters? That I can manage. I just need to win some more DEC and pray for good pulls. I'm catching them all someday, one legendary at a time. 😤

And it all starts with this legendary dragon ...

Chaos Dragon: Lethal Random Blaster

When I first battled against Chaos Dragon, I was floored by how insane its skills were. Scattershot and Blast in one monster? Woah. 😱

The three-point magic damage is already painful. But it further splashes into adjacent monsters, potentially nailing two more two-point hits. Yodin Zaku and Snipe monsters combo attacks can be mitigated by armor. But Chaos Dragon attacks with magic, so you got no choice but just take the hit -- all seven points of them.

I'm only in the Silver Leagues, so Chaos Dragon is capped at level two. Even then, it's already so powerful. I would never want to face it on its max form where it has base four damage and the Blind skill.

So when contemplating which Chaos Legendary monster to first recruit. I went with Chaos Dragon. All of the legendary monsters of the new edition are within the same price range, so it's a matter of picking the one which I think would be most useful at the most times.

On a semi-related note, I got three Chaos Dragons for a bit cheaper and combined them to rank it up to level 2. The going rate is above $10, but I got them slightly less for $9.5 through Peaksmonster's bid feature. If you want to get better deals, check out libertycrypto27's post on how to make a bid. 👍

My Lineup: An Opportunity for Chaos


The upcoming battle has a high mana pool, so Chaos Dragon can go out in the field while keeping some resources for other heavyweights. Chaos Dragon's Scattershot skill counteracts the ruleset, Equal Opportunity, and will miss out on hitting the most fragile enemies. But the dragon is still a formidable monster despite losing the Opportunity advantage, so it's a shoo-in for this battle.


[Summoner] Quix The Devious. Aside from being necessary to bring out my Chaos Dragon, Quix's speed debuff will be extremely beneficial for this battle. Equal Opportunity is a wild ruleset where many strong melee attackers may be placed on the team, targeting the weakest enemies. Early-round kills aren't uncommon, so I might as well take the first few shots by moving faster.

[1st Position] Spineback Turtle. It's a generally good tank with Thorns skill, decent health, and armor for a low four mana cost. I also wanted the fastest monsters on my backline, so we could deal the first few hits. Spineback Turtle's slow one-point speed makes it a good fit at the first spot.

[2nd Position] Djinn Oshannus. There are few monsters faster than Oshannus. And I really need to make the most out of the high mana pool, so I'm bringing out the big guys like Oshannus with eight mana costs.

[3rd Position] Desert Dragon. I previously blogged about having three melee monsters dealing Trample hits from a distance. I called it Triple Trample Trolling. I got a total of five Trample hits in that match. Hoping I can land a few this time too.

[4th Position] Chaos Dragon. Would I leave out the main star of this match?

[5th Position] Venari Wavesmith. I reckon there'll be more melee fighters in the upcoming battle, so extra armor would be an asset. At low health, Wavesmith would be among the first ones to be targeted, but I'm thinking the armor buff would still contribute ... even a little.

[6th Position] Cocatrice fills up my last two mana left from the pool. It's the first one that'll get plummeted on my team since it's got the lowest health. But it has Flying and a four-speed stat, so I know it'll dodge some physical attacks and give some breathing room for the team.

The Battle: Chaos Triumphs

At a glance, the enemy lineup is pretty solid. The monsters are decently leveled too. However, I think it's a missed opportunity for them to have a few Sneakers instead of stronger regular melee monsters. Sneak overrides Opportunity, so the ruleset's advantages are lost.

Mana utilization is at its peak, with both teams at 100% capacity.

Watch the live battle here

Fortunately, there's only one magic attacker on the enemy team. Cocatrice standing precariously at the edge of my lineup would likely dodge some attacks. And it did. In Round 1, it was able to duck out of harm's way twice before succumbing to Luminous Eagle's attack. The Eagle has Flying, so its chances of hitting another Flying monster were high.

Only my team lost a member this round, but Chaos Dragon was able to smack a hit right at the middle of my opponent's team. Splash damage is up to a maximum of seven points. The damage is resolved one at a time, but I spliced them together in this shot to make the attack more dramatic. 😛

Battle2.jpg Chaos Damage Count: 7 💥

Djinn Oshannus starts Round 2 with a fatal magic hit on Chaos Knight. However, Silvershield Knight avenges their fallen comrade with a quick blow to Venari Wavesmith, removing the monster and its armor buff from the game.

Though my Chaos Dragon may not have dealt any killing blows this round, it still reliably delivers a splash attack at the rear of my opponent's lineup.

Battle3.jpgChaos Damage Count: 12 💥

By Round 3, my enemy had one monster more than I on their team. But they got more fighters bleeding red because of my Chaos Dragon's splash damage, and because they generally got lower health, to begin with. Silvershield Assassin falls, and my Chaos Dragon drops another splash bomb directed at Sand Worm.

Battle4.jpgChaos Damage Count: 19 💥

Djinn Oshannus begins the next round with another fatal hit. This time on Sand Worm. Round 4 also marks the battle's first and only double kill, as Chaos Dragon destroys Silvershield Knight and Djinn Renova with one attack.

Battle5.jpgChaos Damage Count: 26 💥

Desert Dragon, who hasn't activated its Trample skill even once in this battle, wraps up the match with a 🥳 Victory 🥳 hit on the last enemy standing. Chaos Dragon is the undeniable match MVP with a whopping total damage dealt of 26 points.

Battle Retrospective: What I had realized

The match went pretty well, so I got no significant improvements on the strategy. But I should have probably swapped the positions of Chaos Dragon and Venari Wavesmith. Chaos Dragon dishes out the most damage when it's on the backline. So it's best to keep the dragon away from the frontlines for as long as possible.

For this match, the enemy had slowed-down Sneakers. My Chaos Dragon's Flying and three-speed stat would have helped it dodge sneak attacks. Wavesmith had way little defense and evasion to endure them.

What I had realized after battling with Chaos Dragon so many times is that it's strong but far from omnipotent. While it's true it can single-handedly win battles at times, a finely-coordinated team can easily overpower it.

Chaos Dragon has a high mana cost, so it's good to be prudent in using it, especially for battles with tight mana pools. Often, I found myself losing with a team of one strong titan but weak teammates. My enemies would quickly deal with my weaker monsters and focus their fire on Chaos Dragon later.

To end, I think Chaos Dragon is a competent monster that delivers on its legendary promise. But it needs peers of similar prowess to bring out its best potential. Hopefully, I can nab more of these legendaries. Only with a solid team can I unleash the full power of chaos in battles.🤟

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