Earthquake - This ruleset might wipe out your line-up


Hey folks, we are in for another review of mine about a specific ruleset in the Splinterverse!
Let us look at "Earthquake" ruleset! As I have no funny idea that might be related to this ruleset's name, so let us look right at its fine-print.


"Earthquake" has the following special rules:
"All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.

Snared units are considered non-flying. Since the damage given is physical, it can be reduced to 1 if the unit has the shield ability."

I think one should emphasize that it reads the damage dealt by this ruleset is physical damage, especially not magical damage. ;)
In other words this opens the door for some strategies of minimizing its negative impact on your lineup.

Let us look at the potential impact this ruleset might have by reviewing one of my battles with "Earthquake" ruleset. Find the full battle here:

This week's battle comes from ranked Modern format. I encountered this one when I was helplessly and in vain grinding for last week's ruleset. ;)


I only went with a few flying units because I did not think my opponent would use "high health" flying units. I was optimistic that those he would use would be cleansed by my magic attacks. Still I had some flying ones!
My opponent chose mainly flying units with rather high health (compared to my units) and one of the new reward cards with "Martyr" ability.


Round 1 is where not too much happened, just saw my 0 mana unit leave the battlefield prior to his Venari Marksrat.


Round 3 saw my opponent's main tank gone and my line-up still relatively intact.
However this is where "Earthquake" ruleset really kicked in and wiped out a lot of my non-flying units.


So at the end of round 3 I just had to defeat a Regal Peryton with 1 health left.
Hint: It was not an easy task because Regal would activate prior to my magic attack unit and Stitch Leech would be wiped out by the next round of "Earthquake"!

Next hint: I still won as my Celestial Harpy scored a hit and took Regal Peryton finally off the board.

So what's in here for the reader? -I pretty much ignored the Earthquake ruleset and the damage it would deal to my units.
Initially I thought it was a good idea as Tarsa (grants Divine Armor to units) would grant me a round of ignoring this ruleset's effects. However the longer the battle lasted, the more I had to face its consequences.
At the end of this battle it was just like a coinflip if I would be able to score another hit on the (flying) Regal Peryton.
So probably I should have paid more attention to flying units when I chose my line-up!

Anyways my piece of general advice: Prepare your line-up for the "Earthquake" ruleset! ;)

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