"Strategic Mastery A Victorious Battle Utilizing Unique Monster Abilities"

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Description: All monsters have the Scattershot ability.

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In this battle, the summoner "Obsidian" from the earth splinter commands magical creatures on the battlefield. Let's see how they perform.
Round 1:

Prep Phase: Buffs, Debuffs, Positive and Negative Effects.

During round 1, the monster with the highest speed attacks first. In this case, the opponent's Regal Peryton had a 5-speed advantage over my monster, which had a maximum speed of only 3. As a result, my first monster, Mycelic Morphoid, was hit with magic damage and perished. The next monster to attack was my Goblin Psychic, which has greater firepower and the "Tank Heal" ability, making it capable of dealing more damage while sustaining itself.
Round 2:

In round 2, the opponent's monsters were unable to overpower my monster, Goblin Psychic, at the first position due to their lack of firepower. Thanks to its "Tank Heal" ability and its position in the first slot, Goblin Psychic was able to heal itself and endure all incoming damage.
Round 3:

In round 3, the opponent's only remaining monster was the "Fungus Flinger," which was unable to attack in the first position due to being a ranged monster. To counter this, I strategically selected my magic monster, and with the help of Goblin Psychic's superior abilities, we emerged victorious.
The Line Up:
Summoner: Obsidian
1st Position: Mycelic Morphoid
2nd Position: Goblin Psyhchic
3rd Position: Chaos Agent

Did your strategy work?
The strategy paid off, as the combination of Goblin Psychic's magical prowess and Obsidian's strategic buffs proved to be a winning combination.
What will you try differently next time?
I am interested in trying out the gladius monster card, Captain Katie, in low mana matches after witnessing its success in a tournament. Additionally, I am curious to explore other gladius cards, particularly those equipped with bloodlust abilities

Do you like Goblin Psychic? Why or why not?
I definitely appreciate the value of having a magic monster like Goblin Psychic on my team, especially with its essential "Tank Heal" abilities that offer reliable healing and sustainability during battles.
My Thoughts Through This Battle
It is evident that my team emerged victorious in the battle, which was characterized by its intensity and the need for a strategic approach. The summoner's skillful use of various monsters and their unique abilities, along with their strategic positioning, played a significant role in their success. Moreover, the selection of monsters and their abilities proved to be crucial factors in determining the outcome of the battle.

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