The Strength of the Fire Monster Djinn Inferni Comboed with the Legendary Summoner Conqueror Jacek

A wonderful year for everyone!!!

Don't miss the chance to engage on this NFT game @Splinterlands as it grows and the Devs are working hard to develop the game for the convenience of the players.

The Chaos Legion set of Splinterlands is a collection of monster cards that are themed around the chaos splinter. The Chaos Legion set is nearly out of stock. The Rebellion will be the next set of cards on Splinterlands which will be live on quarter 2 or quarter 3 maybe this will be released after the Chaos Legion set is out of stock.

For the meantime, I will be making a blog for the "Weekly Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge" Please have time to read and upvote it if you like. Let's Goooooooooo!!!!

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The Line Up

Summoner: Conqueror Jacek
First Position: Forgotten One
Second Position: Radiated Brute
Third Position: Djinn Inferni
Fourth Position: Djinn Apprentice
Fifth Position: Tenyii Striker
Sixth Position: Chaos Agent

Keys to Victory
  • Rely to the magic attacks
  • Utilize the scattershot abilities
  • RNG
The Game Plan

Forgotten one as a melee tank because of its high damage, health and armor and with the plus 2 speed provided by Conqueror Jacek. It can attack first plus its retaliate and piercing ability makes it a good tank. Next is magic attacks with high damage is placed to utilize the scattershot ability provided by the summoner. They can delete low health monsters in a single attack. Then protect them with melee monster that have the reach abilities, sneak abilities and opportunity abilities. Put them at the back and front of magic monsters to protect them.

Let's Get to know more about Djinn Inferni

Djinn Inferni is the eldest of the ancient wardens of fire, spirits of flame that dwell in the deepest rivers of stone. Second only to Lord Janai himself, he is prideful and cunning, but fiercely loyal to his master. With the opening of the rift and the betrayal of Djinn Muriat he has taken up a blood oath of vengeance against the chaos exercitus, rising to the surface to lay waste to the enemies of stone and fire.

The singing stones had whispered at their coming, the Great Legion, agents of chaos from beyond the void but Lord Jannah had not listened. When the rift finally tore open the world the veins of the mother called to me, her vermarine song of quartz and ash a lament to the war above. I rise to the surface now, enduring the stink of water and flesh for a chance to turn the odds in our favor. With fire and death we will restore these lands and end her lament. On the mother's heart I swear it.

--- Binding The Void, Djinn Inferni Umun Sira

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Credits to Splinterlands for all the images, gif and etc. provided in this blog.


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