Revolutionizing the Splinterlands Marketplace: Introducing Listing Fees and Expiration Dates

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The Splinterlands team has announced plans to implement changes to their marketplace, which will affect both the sales and rental markets. These changes include introducing a 1 DEC or 1 Credit fee for all new listings and price updates, as well as adding a 30-day expiration time to all listings. While these changes are necessary to help reduce server costs and ensure the platform can continue to scale, they will require updates for third-party tools and services.

On the positive side, these changes are a necessary step to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform. With millions of market listings and updates processed every day, reducing the amount of data that needs to be indexed and made available can significantly reduce operating costs. The 1 DEC or 1 Credit fee is also a small enough amount that it shouldn't significantly impact most users, while still encouraging them to be more thoughtful about the amount of these operations that they send.

However, there are also some potential negative aspects to consider. The 30-day expiration time for listings could be a hassle for users who have to constantly relist their items, and it may also lead to a decrease in the number of available listings on the market. Additionally, third-party tools and services will need to be updated to support these changes, which could cause disruptions and require extra work for developers.

Overall, it's clear that these changes are being implemented with the best interests of the Splinterlands platform in mind. While there may be some short-term inconveniences for users and developers, the long-term benefits of reducing server costs and ensuring the platform can continue to scale up far into the future are worth it. We'll be keeping a close eye on how these changes are received and how they impact the platform going forward.


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