"Drive like a Drover" brand new writing

02.09.2022 7.49 prisma am.jpg

The morning sun arises,

It blazes the night away,
So that with it's light,
The nights terrors won't stay.

How often do we carry,
Grief and pain over?
Yesterday should not tarry,
Drive them away like a Drover.

Plant window sunrise-dark 2.6.22.jpg

Each day is new,
So begin the day afresh,
We only have these few,
With loves and hopes enmeshed.

Guide your feet well my friends,
Watch carefully what paths you trod,
The dust of strife your feet cleanse;
with love abounding you'll be awed.

Plant window sunrise 2.6.22.jpg

Let this morning trifle, help you through the day.
Carry this message with you along the way.

Plant window sunrise-mosaic 2.6.22 (2).jpg

“Drive like a Drover”

Jerry E Smith
All images original, all taken with
My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cellphone
Yesterday morning and today,
Some edited with the
Prisma app,
Some not.