Splinterlands Astral Entity Airdrop


As the packs continued to get burned, the airdrop for the 5th Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner Airdrop has happened. I have had no luck in the previous airdrops and with 500 packs, I have only gotten 1 Possiblius and 2 Astral Entities. Given my packs, I would have anywhere between 80-95% chance of getting one and the probabilities were not on my side. Maybe things are turning around because I did manage to get two of these cards this time around.

Astral Entity

This is a legendary summoner for the death splinter type that costs 6 mana. It comes with -2 Armor, dodge and resurrect. Overall, the abilities might not be the best but I can definitely see that they could be quite useful. Just having -2 armor benefits any melee or ranged monsters. The dodge will make it survive longer against melee or ranged. The resurrect can be quite helpful because it will give a monster a chance to attack again or become a filler monster. If you want to know about the lore, then you can visit the Astral Entity Lore post. It's worth about $20 as of right now.

Attempting the card in fights

While the card looks great, I just can't seem to win many matches with this card in Silver league. The biggest issue that I have with it is that my death cards are too weak when limited to a level 1 Astral Entity. One of the fights that I have with it is the one above and I still lost the match. The fight can be found here. I just don't think my death deck is strong enough with a level 1 legendary summoner as I lost quite a few useful abilities due to the level cap that I can use. I can definitely see the uses for this card but I can't justify really using it due to my bad win rate and the limitations on card levels.

I did win one fight using it but it was way too close and you can find the match here. I barely won this fight and stun was the thing that saved me. I was lucky to stun quite a few times towards the end and it gave me a chance to move up his ranged monsters to the front-line. This allowed me to win and I did notice that the extra dodges that I got were quite nice. Even with the swiftness from supply runner, the melee and ranged monsters missed quite often. The result of the match can be found below. However, I gave up the poison ability on Venari Bonesmith and +1 magic on my revealer. The +1 magic wouldn't have mattered due to the summoner my opponent used but I find that level cap limitation quite annoying.


Astral Entity doesn't look like a bad card to have but it doesn't really fit my deck that well. The level limitation is quite annoying and I don't know if it does more harm than good for my own deck. Out of 5 matches that I used Astral Entity in, I lost 4 of them and I only won 1 match. Overall, I don't think I will be keeping it around much and I will probably leave it for the rental bot to rent out.

What do you think about this card and did you get one in the airdrop?

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

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