Splinterlands Tenth Season of 2023, Gladius Packs and SPS

The Splinterlands season ended earlier this week so I want to review my rewards and check up on some things in the game. I stayed in Silver rank for the entire season and collected a bunch of Silver chests for my own rewards. Silver chests just aren't cutting it but I don't think I am ready for Gold rank yet though. I did make a change to make my season rewards gold chests. I will advance on the day before the end to get some gold chests because my points aren't too high. As long as I manage that, I should be fine.

Season Rewards

season rewards.png
Compared to last season, my rewards are worst than last time. There were no chaos legion packs again and there wasn't even a gold foil or epic card this time around. The rewards just sound lacking compared to last time. The amount of SPS increased though and the merits decreased compared to last time. There are slightly more potions and less cards this time around.

Gladius Packs

gladius openings.png
I was able to collect 3 packs this season which was one less when compared to last time. My guild has been regularly placing 2nd place or 1st so the merits have been stacking up. It's a bit too bad that I got the bare minimum in terms of rarity and there were no cards to upgrade either. It's a lot harder to upgrade cards now that some of them are level 2 or 3 but when I checked my collection, there are a few that are close. I believe that I'll have a chance to upgrade something next report.



The numbers are higher this time around except for focus chests. I am not sure why the numbers are so good this time around but I won't complain about getting more rewards. I am wondering why the ranked battles had so much of an increase though.

staking SPS.png

My pool rewards for the season is 107.229 SPS and I plan on staking all of this along with all of my staking rewards. It looks like my liquidity rewards tend to be quite stable though. As usual, I am staking my SPS and taking profits off of GLX. So nothing has really changed from last time. I used a portion of my VOUCHERS on the new promo card and I had to buy some off the open market. Either way, I am still gathering more VOUCHERS for the next promo card. With the numbers so close to staking rewards and pools, I staked a similar amount compared to last time.


Going forward, I will be sticking with the Silver League and moving up to gold on the last day. Either way, I think the rewards in Silver are terrible and I still haven't received a chaos legion pack in a while. The difference in earnings from gold and silver is quite large so I am missing my previous rewards.

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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