A Journey Through Time: Tracing the Legacy of Possibilus the Wise, the Water Summoner

In the vast and mystical world of summoners, legends abound, but one name stands above all – Possibilus the Wise. Possibilus is renowned for his unparalleled mastery over water magic and his ability to bestow extraordinary gifts upon his allies. With the power to increase the health of every friendly monster, grant the Trample ability to melee attackers, and provide the Reach ability to those in the second position, Possibilus has earned his reputation as one of the most powerful summoners. In this blog, we delve into a thrilling brawl challenge battle, showcasing the remarkable abilities of Possibilus and his team.


Enhancing Vitality: Increased Health for Friendly Monsters.

Possibilus the Wise demonstrates unparalleled mastery in infusing friendly monsters with increased health. By drawing upon the boundless energy of water, he grants his allies unparalleled stamina and resilience. This ability to boost the health of every friendly monster enables his team to withstand the fiercest of onslaughts, turning the tide of battles in their favor. A force to be reckoned with, Possibilus ensures that his allies are well-equipped to face any adversary.

When Possibilus the Wise takes to the battlefield, his presence alone instills courage and hope in his allies. By empowering every friendly monster with increased health, he ensures their survival in the face of adversity. This remarkable feat enables his team to withstand formidable attacks and turn the tide of battles in their favor.

The Trample Ability: Unleashing Devastating Melee Attacks.

Possibilus's second gift, the Trample ability, is a formidable force to be reckoned with. This extraordinary ability exclusively impacts melee attack monsters, enabling them to deliver devastating blows in combat. When a monster with Trample hits and eliminates its target with a melee attack, it receives an extraordinary opportunity – to execute another melee attack on the next enemy monster. This chaining effect unleashes a flurry of strikes, leaving the enemy team in disarray. Possibilus's Trample ability grants his allies a tactical advantage, capable of turning the tide of battles with a single sweep.

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With the bestowal of the Trample ability, Possibilus's allies become a relentless force of nature. By chaining successive melee attacks upon vanquishing an enemy, his team can decimate opposing forces, one adversary after another. The Trample ability lends a unique strategic edge, capable of breaking through enemy lines and overwhelming their defenses.

Embracing the Reach Ability: Striking from the Second Position

Possibilus's third and awe-inspiring gift is the Reach ability. Melee attack monsters granted Reach can launch their attacks from the second position on the team. This unprecedented advantage allows these monsters to bypass frontline defenses and engage opponents further back in the enemy ranks. As a result, Possibilus's allies can target high-priority adversaries, cripple opposing strategies, and dismantle enemy formations with calculated precision.

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Furthermore, the Reach ability bestowed by Possibilus empowers his melee attack monsters to strike from unexpected positions. This cunning maneuverability grants his team an upper hand in combat, enabling them to target crucial opponents and disrupt enemy formations with ease. The combination of Trample and Reach abilities makes Possibilus's team a force to be feared.

The Brawl Challenge Battle:

The battleground was set for an epic brawl challenge with a generous mana cap of 53, allowing for the deployment of powerful monsters. Only three sources of monsters and summoners were permitted – Water, Death, and Life. Additionally, two combat rules came into play: "Up to Eleven," granting Amplify ability, and "Close Range," providing Close Range ability. These rules added an exciting twist to the battle, amplifying magic damage and enabling ranged attacks from the first position.

Team Composition:

The opponent opted for an Earth summoner and a diverse array of monsters, comprising one melee attacker (Unicorn Mustang), three magic attackers (Goblin Psychic, Regal Peryton, and Mycelic Slipspawn), and two ranged attackers (Goblin Tower and Supply Runner).

On the other side, our protagonist took command of the Water Summoner Possibilus the Wise, leading a formidable team of three melee attackers (Diemonshark, Coastal Sentry, and Deeplurker) and three magic attackers (Djinn Oshannus, Riverboat Captain, and Nerissa Tridawn).

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Possibilus the Wise displayed his brilliance from the very start of the battle, providing a significant boost to the health of all friendly monsters. This extra +2 health bestowed upon the team by Possibilus proved invaluable in bolstering their survival chances against formidable opponents.

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The true power of Possibilus became evident when Coastal Sentry, a melee attacker with double strike and three melee attack power, was imbued with the Reach ability by the summoner. Coastal Sentry, known for her low health, was now able to attack from the second position. This strategic advantage allowed her to inflict heavy damage to the opponent's monsters while avoiding the frontline risks.

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Possibilus's second gift to the team was the Trample ability, which solely impacted melee attackers. The Trample ability's unique effect came into play when Deeplurker, a melee attacker from Possibilus's team, landed a decisive blow on the opponent's Goblin Psychic, instantly triggering an additional attack on the next enemy monster, Goblin Tower. This chaining effect continued in round three, as Deeplurker swiftly dispatched the final enemy, Supply Runner. The Trample ability had turned Deeplurker into a relentless force, mowing down the opposition with ease.

The End Result:

Possibilus the Wise's strategic brilliance and his team's prowess resulted in a swift and commanding victory. In just three rounds, their coordinated attacks left the opposing team in shambles, with all their monsters defeated. The synergy between Possibilus's unique abilities and the well-chosen monsters under his command proved to be a winning combination.


Possibilus the Wise, the legendary water summoner, demonstrated why he is hailed as one of the most powerful summoners in the realm. His ability to increase the health of friendly monsters, grant the Trample ability to melee attackers, and bestow the Reach ability to those in the second position proved to be a formidable force in the battlefield. This thrilling brawl challenge battle showcased Possibilus's unmatched power and strategic brilliance, leaving no doubt about his status as a legendary summoner. As we celebrate Possibilus's remarkable abilities, we can't help but wonder about the countless other tales that await us in the mystical world of summoners. The adventure continues, and we eagerly await the next chapter in the legendary saga of Possibilus the Wise.