"CENTAURI MAGE"-- A Secret Mage Of Northern Anumün. SPLINTERLANDS Weekly Battle Challenge.



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Welcome back to my other #splinterlands post. In this post I am going to introduce you with a RARE Earth Monster "CENTAURI MAGE".

  • "CENTAURI MAGE" is a wonder of the Centauri people of northern Anumün. When these mage shows there power in the Mount Mox Arena, all the audiences are always thrilled to see their magic attacks, especially when they create a chillingly beautiful (and deadly) green light show.

  • By this post, I am going to attend in SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! CENTAURI MAGE which is organized by @splinterlands.

  • You can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.
    Link of the match

About The Line-Up:


  • For this match mana cap was 28.
  • And played with the "Standard" battle rule.

Screenshot (229).png

I was using my EARTH Summoner 8"WIZARD OF EASTWOOD"* along with "UNICORN MUSTANG" in level 1, "CENTAURI MAGE" in level 1, "MITICA HEADHUNTER" in level 1, "KHMER PRINCESS" in level 1.

Here Is Some Screen Shots Of The Battle:

Screenshot (230).png

Screenshot (231).png

The monsters I used were the fastest monsters in this battle. As a result they started hitting first. My deadly Ranged attack monster "MITICA HEADHUNTER" with its 4 damage power hit hard on the enemy monster "FROZEN SOLDIER". this enemy monster "FROZEN SOLDIER" could die in the first two hits from "MITICA HEADHUNTER" and "UNICORN MUSTANG". But fortunately "FROZEN SOLDIER" comes with the "Shield" ability which reduce the damage from Melee and Ranged attack forasmuch this enemy monster survived the 1st round.

Screenshot (234).png

Screenshot (235).png

Screenshot (236).png

Not only the enemy but I was also fortunate using the RARE Earth Monster "UNICORN MUSTANG". This monster comes with "Void" ability which can reduce the damage from Magic attack. My opponent on the other hand was using 4 magic attack monsters in this battle. I could have lost my "UNICORN MUSTANG" in the first round. Only because of that "Void" ability "UNICORN MUSTANG" survived the first round.

Screenshot (237).png

Screenshot (238).png

Screenshot (239).png

The RARE monster "CENTAURI MAGE" was doing very good in this battle. This monster was distracting the enemy "Snipe" ability monster "MANTOID". But my monster "CENTAURI MAGE" comes with an outstanding "Return Fire" ability. As a result, when the enemy Ranged attack monster "MANTOID" hit on "CENTAURI MAGE", it return fire on "MANTOID" and damage 1 health.

Screenshot (243).png

Screenshot (244).png

Screenshot (246).png

Screenshot (248).png

Round 2 was the worse nightmare for my opponent. All of his monster were died in this round one by one. These enemy monsters didn't get a chance of attacking on my monster.

  • At first my EPIC Ranged attack monster "MITICA HEADHUNTER" killed the enemy monster "FROZEN SOLDIER".

  • After that RARE Melee attack monster "UNICORN MUSTANG" killed the enemy Magic attack monster "MEDUSA".

  • "CENTAURI MAGE" was next in line to attack the enemy monsters. This time "CENTAURI MAGE" killed another enemy Magic attack monster "ICE PIXLE".

Rest of the 3 enemy monsters "ENCHANTED PIXIE", "ELVEN MYSTIC" and "MANTOID" were killed respectively by "KHMER PRINCESS", "MITICA HEADHUNTER" and "UNICORN MUSTANG".

As the last monster of the enemy team was killed, I won the battle.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (251).png

As I won this match, I got 0.273 Dec and +40 League Rating.


Is It Worth Using "CENTAURI MAGE" In A Battle?

  • Yes, of course. This monster is really worth using in a battle. There is a lot of reasons for using this monster in a battle.
  1. This is a Magic attack monster so this monster's hit will never miss the target.

  2. This monster comes with 7 health so this monster can take quite a lot hits from the enemy monster.

  3. Another reasons of using this monster is "Return Fire" ability. As a Magic power monster, all the Ranged "Snipe" ability monsters will target this monster and with the help of "Return Fire" ability, "CENTAURI MAGE" can return the damage to the Invading enemy monsters.


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