Do not use RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN when the combat rule is Counterspell. Splinterlands Social Media Challenge.


In the realm of Splinterlands, where mythical creatures clash and strategies converge, a storm of change has swept over the once-familiar battlegrounds. Brace yourself, for battling has evolved into a thrilling yet daunting endeavor. New monsters have emerged, battle rules have transformed, and the circumstances are more complex than ever. Get ready to navigate uncharted waters as we dive into a recent brawl fight that unfolded under the enigmatic triumvirate of combat rules: Bariar Pitch, Broken Arrows, and Counterspell.

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Let's start with Bariar Pitch—the rule that bestows the Thorns ability upon all participating monsters. This game-changing ability, while powerful, requires careful consideration. The Thorns ability retaliates against melee attackers, dealing a blow of 2 damage to their health or armor. A simple charge can quickly turn into a double-edged sword, demanding shrewd tactical planning to ensure your forces remain unscathed.

Enter the Broken Arrows rule, a twist that shatters the realm of ranged attacks. No more relying on long-distance sniping; this rule strips away the power of ranged attack monsters. In a world where precision was once prized, adaptability takes center stage. Your strategy must pivot, focusing on close-quarters combat and unleashing monsters primed for melee dominance.

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As if that weren't enough, the Counterspell rule introduces a layer of magic and intrigue. The magic reflect ability becomes the trump card here, turning the tide against magic attackers. When a magic attack monster dares to target a foe with the magic reflect ability, a portion of the damage boomerangs back to the assailant. A seemingly straightforward assault suddenly becomes a double-edged wand, urging battlers to rethink their magical assaults and embrace calculated risks.


In the midst of this whirlwind, our recent brawl fight emerged as a trial of adaptability, cunning, and sheer nerve. To emerge victorious, one had to orchestrate their deck with a symphony of precision, understanding each rule's nuances and weaving them into a harmonious strategy. Battles that once felt routine have been transformed into dynamic puzzles, each solution as unique as the battlers themselves.

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As Splinterlands continues to evolve, these challenges remind us that only those willing to adapt, innovate, and strategize will thrive. So, fellow battlers, embrace the storm, for within it lies the opportunity to prove your mettle. The realm may be fraught with new monsters and confounding rules but remember: the thrill of victory is never more exhilarating than when it's earned against all odds.

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The battlefield seethed with intensity, its heat matching the fervor of the clash. Yet, a unique set of rules altered the strategy: the Broken Arrows decree prohibited ranged attacks, the Barrier Pitch regulation heightened the danger of melee strikes, and the Counterspell edict made magic assaults a gamble. Amid this conundrum, a solution beckoned. Amid the tactical labyrinth, the first contender to surface in my thoughts was DJINN OSHANNUS. The crux lay in its potent Void capability, an asset capable of mitigating magical onslaughts. In an intriguing twist, all combatants possessed the power to reflect magic. This twist, however, served as the very fulcrum of my strategy. The reflected spells, though formidable, proved impotent against the stalwart health of DJINN OSHANNUS.

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Thus, the path ahead crystallized. DJINN OSHANNUS stood sentinel on my side, impervious to the cascading barrage of reflective magical assaults. A triumphant synergy emerged, as my adversaries struggled in vain. Their efforts to wield the arcane against me met an impenetrable barrier in the form of the unyielding DJINN OSHANNUS. In the crucible of combat, each instance of magic thrown my way only bolstered my conviction. The spectacle of adversaries attempting to rebound the conjured forces, only to find their potency nullified, solidified the wisdom of my choice. DJINN OSHANNUS held steadfast, a testament to the wisdom of harnessing its impervious Void. Victory unfurled its banner, guided by the calculated brilliance of the chosen course.

In the heat of battle, where rules dictated every move, DJINN OSHANNUS emerged as the linchpin. Its unique prowess defied convention, transcending the constraints imposed by Broken Arrows, Barrier Pitch, and Counterspell. The battlefield echoed the tale of how a single choice, a solitary insight, turned the tide in a cauldron of odds.


The RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN found himself engulfed in the throes of misfortune, a day that would etch itself as the nadir of his existence. As a cautionary tale, I extend a word of advice to all: under the Counterspell battle rule, the deployment of the RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN is ill-advised. While conventional magic-attack creatures typically encounter reflected magical harm from a singular adversary, the unique attributes of the RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN paint a divergent picture.

Regrettably, the RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN's formidable Blast proficiency, while enabling it to inflict damage upon not just the intended target but also adjacent opponents, acts as a double-edged sword under these circumstances. The intricacy arises when both rival creatures, in their capacity to counter spells, reciprocate the magical onslaught. This convergence of reflected magical damage spells an unfortunate fate for the RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN.

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The tragedy unfolded on the battlefield as the RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN, marked by its distinct prowess, met an untimely demise. The arcane backlash, amplified by the Blast capability, precipitated the captain's swift downfall. The very trait that rendered the RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN potent in conventional conditions proved to be its undoing in the Counterspell-dominated contest.

This somber tale underscores the strategic intricacies that dictate success or downfall in battles governed by rules such as Counterspell. The RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN's tale stands as a testament to the paramount importance of considering both innate abilities and the prevailing rules of engagement. In this lamentable encounter, the captain's tale serves as a cautionary beacon, warning future contenders away from its deployment when the specter of Counterspell looms large.


In the recent battle, the unfortunate outcome was the demise of four of my creatures. Curiously, none of these losses could be attributed to the opponent's monsters; an ironic twist indeed. Instead, their untimely fates were dictated solely by the intricate web of combat regulations that governed the encounter. Among the fallen were RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN and NERISSA TRIDAWN, both endowed with magical prowess. Regrettably, they met their end due to the rigorous enforcement of the Counterspell combat rule. This mandated consequence involved the rebound of magic attacks from enemy creatures, resulting in fatal damage to my own.

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A poignant reminder of the rule-bound nature of this realm, these losses underscored the importance of strategic planning. Moreover, the narrative of loss continues with DEEPLURKER, the solitary melee attacker within my team. His demise hinged on the implementation of the Bariar Pitch combat rule, a rule that ultimately spelled his downfall.

This battle, therefore, transcended mere clash of beasts; it served as a stark reminder of the multifaceted dynamics that underlie each engagement. As I reflect upon these losses, I'm reminded that success lies not only in creature strength but in a comprehensive understanding of the intricate combat regulations governing their interactions.