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I am here again with another Splinterlands character in my chibi style! This time, I was looking for a character with wings same like Runic Skyclaw. As I was scanning through the different cards, I saw Gloridax Soldier.



So I assume that this character is a dragon or like a bird of some sort. He has scales, a tail like a dragon, and a pair of wings. So, I got curious about the story of this character and so, I try to read his background on Wikifandom.

So based what I read, Gloridax Soldier is a specialized soldier with the mastery of weaponry. Whenever I drew a character, I always try to find the story behind it. It is easier for me to imagine and created additional details on the art.

gloridax soldier1.png


I put a reference to the corner of the canvas for easy copying of the character. I used a symmetrical pen for this chibi. I first started with the head. It looks like a duck with a crown for now, haha! It reminds me of Donald Duck, lol.

For the armor, I first drew the armor on the shoulder. It looks like a sharp bread on both shoulder. And then, the armor has simple details on the center. My chibi is holding the sword in like a first position holding the sword.For the background, I thought of simple shards or fragments, and later on will add some details like glows and shadows.

gloridax soldier2.png

Line Art

Same as the sketch, I still used the symmetrical pen, but this time, I color-picked the colors from the original picture of Gloridax Soldier. I made a separate folder for the sword and the body. In this way, it is easier for me to color later on and erase some lines. Noticed that in every element of the character, I picked the color based on what is on the original picture of the character.

gloridax soldier3.png

Flat Colors

Whenever I am at this stage of the process, I am half way through the art! So, with the aid of color-pick tool, it is easier for me to fill in the canvas with colors. I adjusted the colors based on how they harmonize together. Also, I erased the mouth of the chibi because it is better in that way, snce it has a head armor. For the blush, I chose a darker shade of red than the skin color. I also erased the unnecessary lines such as on the fist.

gloridax soldier4.png


I darken up the mood a little bit. I colored the whole canvas black and then lowered its opacity to 50 percent. I chose a gray background because the character itself is already colorful, so choosing a neutral for background will balance the picture. I chose shards as an additional element. I then blurred it out for 20 percent.

Final Art

gloridax soldier.png

I darken the corners a little bit by using the airbrush tool. I noticed that his eyes were color yellow, probably because he is a dragon? So, I again used the airbrush and filter it with glow. As as the sword, I put some grow of purple and blue, to make it more interesting. I double check the lines if there were and erased those overlapping lines. Tadaaa~ Gloridax Soldier in my chibi style is done!

Software: MediBang Paint
Check out their website here!

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That is it for this art blog. I will see you at the next one!
📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. The image is from the official website of Splinterlands. :) :)


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I love the cards you draw. You continue to draw your picture.