Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! | Sand Storm

Happy Weekend! ☔️

For this week, I chose Sand Storm



Art Process

sand storm5.png

sand storm4.png

Doing the sketch is pretty easy because I just imagine a gigantic worm with many teeth. 😆 In relation to worms, I saw them often because it is raining almost every day. I used different colors of pen for the sketch to separate the worm and the sand. And then, I use a solid pen for the lineart.

sand storm3.png

sand storm2.png

Usually, when I color, I first do the grayscale coloring. I do this, especially in the art contest. For simple drawings like this, I just trust my imagination. Particularly this one, I just assume that the light source is coming from the left side, and so, the shadow applies on the right side. I also darkened the middle part of the mouth to indicate deepness. Aside from the body, I also added shadow for the sand.

Final Art

sand storm1.png

The last step is putting the added details like the blood stains, added color on the body (red airbrushed), and glow on the sand. On top of the layers, I added noise monochrome and set it to 10 percent opacity.

Thanks for reading~ 💖

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That is it for this art blog. I will see you at the next one!
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